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Friday 7 January 1949 – Blackminster gets its order for transfer to Badsey

Category Transfer of Blackminster from Offenham to Badsey
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article


It is over three years since some people in the hamlet of Blackminster made complaints, which received publicity in the Press, of their youngsters having been snubbed at a children’s festival at Offenham.  And for 20 years or more there has been sporadic talk that Blackminster might secede from its parent parish.

More recently, dissatisfied with the absence of street lighting and of main bus services, and because the community centre was inaccessible, Blackminster people applied for the hamlet to be transferred to the neighbouring parish of Badsey.  The County Council accordingly held an inquiry, more than a year ago, at which Badsey supported the claims and Offenham opposed them.

On Monday, Evesham RDC were informed that the County Council has issued an Order providing, subject to the confirmation of the Minister of Health, for the transfer to Badsey of that part of Blackminster lying to the south of the main railway line from Evesham to Oxford.  If confirmed, the Order will become operative on April 1 1949.


It was pointed out that the rateable value would not be greatly altered.

The Chairman, Mr C A Binyon, commented that no move was made by Offenham in response to the application of the Blackminster residents.  But when Badsey Parish Council received an appeal from the people of Blackminster that they wanted to join them “naturally, we did not say no”.  However, it was not the Parish Council who initiated matters.

“It amounts to infiltration,” was the remark of Mr J Sharp, an Offenham representative.

The Clerk (Mr C H Gardiner) explained that a map showing the precise change involved by the Order would be on deposit at the Council Offices for six months and could be inspected.  There was plenty of time for Offenham Parish Council to appeal to the County Council if it wished; it was up to them.