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Friday 21 January 1949 – Offenham Parish Council decides not to oppose the transfer

Category Transfer of Blackminster from Offenham to Badsey
Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

NO MORE OPPOSITION TO BLACKMINSTER TRANSFER – Offenham Parish Councillor’s Good Wishes to the Hamlet

Offenham Parish Council will take no further steps in opposition to the transfer of Blackminster from Offenham to Badsey.  As the Offenham case had been presented and turned down both at the public inquiry and also by Worcestershire County Council, there seemed little point in further protest unless fresh evidence could be produced, it was decided at the Parish Council’s meetings last Thursday.

In any case Offenham’s chief objection, the considerable loss of rateable value, had mostly been met as the transfer would only affect that part of Blackminster south of the railway line.

Mr S Bean remarked:  “I think it is time the Parish Council took a realistic view of the case as it is very obvious that Blackminster wants to change and is unlikely to change its view.  Offenham has no real complaint in the rateable value involved in the proposed boundaries, and as the people of Blackminster are also parishioners of Offenham, their happiness and wishes should be considered.”


Mr E Stephens questioned whether many of the general public in both Offenham and Badsey were greatly interested either way, and Mr L V W Smith observed, “While I object to changes in parish boundaries, our case has been stated at a public enquiry, and unless new evidence and facts are forthcoming there is no justification in making any further objection.”

Mr Smith added that he should strongly oppose any other proposed changes in the boundaries of the parish.

The Chairman (Mr J H Smith) also considered that there was no justification for further opposition, for there was no doubt that Blackminster people were unanimous in wishing to change; whether they would reap any benefit from the change would be their own concern.

After the Clerk (Mr S W Dolloway) had read from the minutes of a public meeting held in Offenham in January 1947, Mr Bean said, “The Parish Council have carried out the wishes of that meeting and have done their best for the parishioners but the decision has gone against them.”

Mr F H Andrews voiced strong opposition to the proposed transfer, and thought the Council should continue to protest or at least call another meeting.

Finally, Mr Bean proposed that the Council should not oppose the recommendations for transfer, which Mr Stephens seconded.


An amendment proposed by Mr Andrews that the Council should make a further protest did not find a seconder, and Mr Bean’s motion was then carried with one dissentient.

Mr Bean wished the residents of Blackminster every success and happiness in their new parish.  “And no disillusionment,” added the Chairman.

Mr S Bunting, Blackminster representative on Offenham Parish Council, stated that articles appearing in the national press had not emanated from Blackminster, and added that he would miss the pleasure of the company of the Offenham Parish Councillors in future.