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Thursday 12 May 1949 – Stanley Bunting elected to the Blackminster Ward of Badsey Parish Council

Category Transfer of Blackminster from Offenham to Badsey
Gloucestershire Echo
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Only in the small Blackminster ward of Badsey did the percentage of voters in yesterday’s Evesham RDC and Parish Council elections rise above 35% of the electorate.

At Blackminster, however, over 90% voted.  The figures at Badsey were 35% and at Cow Honeybourne and Offenham about 30% .....

Parish Council elections:

Badsey (Badsey ward, 9 seats):  G A King 200, G H Stewart 194; J E Knight 182; K G Johnson 168, C A Binyon 151, A W E Wheatley 136, F E Jones 130, T F Jelfs 129, Mrs K Taylor 95.
Not elected:  Mrs M A Savory 92, B F Blake 91, P A R Butler 86, A A Merrett 78, Mrs Nora Keen 41, R A Porter 30.
Badsey (Blackminster ward, one seat):  S F Bunting 26
Not elected:  P F Harrison 24.