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Friday 19 September 1958 – Death of William Woodward of Blackminster

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Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article


His many friends throughout the neighbourhood will learn with regret of the death of Mr William Woodward of Homemead, Blackminster, Badsey, which took place at his home on Wednesday morning.

Mr Woodward, who was 71 years of age, had been in failing health for some time.  He is survived by his wife, one son and one daughter, to whom sympathy is expressed.

The funeral takes place at Badsey on Saturday morning at 11.30.

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A much lengthier report occurred in the following week's newspaper:


The funeral of Mr William Woodward of Homemead, Blackminster, Badsey, whose death took place at his home on Wednesday week, took place at Badsey on Saturday.  The Vicar, the Rev Peter Braby, conducted the service and Mrs G W Marshall was at the organ.

Mourners were:  Mrs W Woodward (widow), Mr & Mrs W Woodward Junior (son and daughter-in-law), Mr & Mrs C Freeman (son-in-law and daughter), Miss Ann Woodward, Mr Clive Freeman (grandchildren), Mr Fred Woodward (brother), Mr & Mrs Horace Woodward (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs N Griffiths (sister), Mr & Mrs E Marshall (brother-in-law and sister), Miss Doris Woodward (sister), Mrs F Baines, Mrs D Wood, Mrs R Goodyer, Mrs A Sadler, Mrs W Sadler (sisters-in-law), Mr H Sadler (brother-in-law), Mr & Mrs Albert Green, Miss L Moran, Mrs G Brooks, Miss V Sadler (nephew and nieces), Mrs E Hartwell, Mrs R Hartwell, Mr & Mrs T Cooksey (cousins)< Mrs M Peterson, Mr & Mrs E Evans, Mr & Mrs G Foster, Mr Hollington and Mr & Mrs C Ollsen (friends).

Among numerous sympathisers also present in church were Mr L Goodall, Mr S Goodall, Mr A Plumb, Mrs B Sears, Mrs D Sheppard, Mrs W Smith, Mrs R C Sparrow, Mrs W Stewart, Mr G W Emms and Mrs E Dungworth.  Many floral tributes were placed on the grave, these including one from the staff of Messrs H Goodall & Sons, Evesham.

The bearers were Messrs L Sadler, R Hartwell, R J Bennett, R E Knight, H Welch and B Redgewell.

Mrs J Turner, Mrs V Daniels and Mrs E Quarry (all sisters of Mr Woodward), were unable to attend.

With Mr Woodward’s passing, the Vale has lost a talented craftsman.  For over 40 years he was employed by Messrs H Goodall & Sons Ltd, Evesham, and was an accomplished craftsman in ironwork.  He lived for most of his married life in Badsey, and was never happier than when working for his church.  For several years he served on the Badsey Parochial Church Council, and carried out various works of ironwork, etc, for the improvement of the church.

At one time he was an active member of the Home Guard.  Aged 71, he underwent a serious operation last Christmas Eve from which he never fully recovered.

He is survived by his widow, one son and one daughter.

Mr Woodward was the eldest of a family of nine and is the first of the family to pass on, leaving two brothers and six sisters.

Funeral arrangements were by W E Williams, Swan Lane, Evesham.