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BENNETT, William (1881-1974)

Mr Bennett, the oldest man in the village, died in hospital on Sunday, November 25th.  Many people in the village will have a host of memories of Mr Bennett, and the oldest among us will recall memories of him stretching back to the beginning of this century.  Though none of us, I dare say, will be able to recall so clearly, as he did, the events and personalities of Badsey in the latter days of Queen Victoria.  It was always a delight to get him on to the subject of the old days, and to hear him reminisce about times so very different form our own.  The early days of the “Rangers” and the changing pattern of Market Gardening from the days of his father, “Squire” Bennett, up to the present decade were favourite topics.  His record of support for the local football team, the time he first played for the Rangers in the last century up to only a few years ago when he was to be seen on the touchline keenly appraising the modern generation of sportsmen, must surely be unrivalled.  Mr Bennett was baptised by the Revered Thomas Hunt, and during the years that lay ahead of him he came to know seven other Vicars of Badsey.  To take him the Sacrament in his home as I did each month was to experience his faith in Christ in whose name he had been baptised so many years earlier.  We extend our deepest sympathy to his widow and children in their loss.  May he rest in peace.

Published in the January 1975 parish magazine.