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KNIGHT, Thomas Henry (1878-1969)

Tommy Knight (always Tommy, because as a venerable old man of 90 he was still such a boy) was one of the finest and most delightful characters one could have the privilege to know.  this little “man for all seasons” was possessed of an enormous energy which followed in many directions:  hard work, husbandry (two kinds), horsemanship, football (player, manager, referee), music (chorister, bellringer, organist), love of countryside, love of home, love of church, love of God, love neighbour.  His was a consecrated vitality.  He was all of a piece, for he offered his daily activities in dedication to the glory of God.  There was no departmentalisation between sacred and secular.  Rogationtide and Harvest were not just something in a church calendar:  they were beats in the rhythm of life.  He was a typical man of the Vale – of the good old sort that one hopes is not dying out:  independent in character, often stubborn but not inflexible, patient and humorous, irrepressible in adversity, humble in prosperity, taking the rough with the smooth, and always grateful to the Giver of all.  His associations have been with Wickhamford as much as with Badsey.  About the time Tommy was born, and named after the then Vicar of Badsey and Wickhamford, his father was working at Wickhamford Manor Farm for 2d a day (so the writer has been told).  Years later young Tommy was courting Nellie Davies who was cook at Wickhamford Manor, and waiting for her by the bridge on her afternoon off.  Not very long ago he was organist at Wickhamford Church.  It can now be revealed that it was through his anonymous generosity that the new organ was able to be purchased as soon as it was.  A muffled full peal of Stedman Triples was rung on Badsey bells to his memory.  Our prayerful sympathy with Joan and Roy Harman.  Joan’s loving care for both her parents has been a splendid example to us all.

Obituary published in the May 1969 parish magazine.