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PLANT, Edith May (1901-1963)

Mrs Plant is very greatly missed in St James’ Church, which she attended so regularly and faithfully.  We know of course that our beloved fellow-members of Christ who have passed from this life are untied with us in our worship in the communion of saints, and we are able to rejoice in their fellowship.  Her last few weeks were agonising, but she showed a serenity of spirit such as might have been expected from one whose faith was grounded so deeply in the love of God.  She prepared herself carefully for her last Communion, and then, in the last few days when her strength was slowly ebbing away, she continually repeated acts of faith and love.  “If only people could learn to love god while they are well and strong!” she said at one moment.  She asked particularly that the hymn, “Praise my soul, the King of heaven” should be sung at her funeral.  As we sang it then, the words seemed to express her own life of prayer and praise.  We thank God for her and pray that her soul may be refreshed in Christ.

Published in the February 1964 Parish Magazine.