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March 1914 - St Christopher's

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


February is was a red-letter day for the community over which the Rev. J. L. Lopes presides. On that day the old stone house, latterly known as "Montpellier," but in future to be known as "St Christopher's," was, after its recent restoration, solemnly blessed by the Rev. A. H. Baverstock, rector of Hinton Marvel and formerly assistant-curate of Evesham, who also gave a very beautiful address in the chapel. A large number of sympathisers attended the ceremony and were afterwards entertained to tea.

As is now generally understood, St Christopher's is to be conducted by Sister Katherine who expects soon to be joined by other sisters, as a home for little boys, and we are sure all our readers will wish Sister Catherine and her colleague "God-speed" in work of so promising a character. They will also congratulate Fr. Lopes and his excellent architect, Mr. J. A. Crush, on the very successful restoration of what is almost our oldest house. The house is said to have been originally the residence of Sir Richard Hoby, who died in 1616 and is described in the register of burials as "eius nominis in universa Britania antiquissimus." For a long time, however, it had figured as an extremely dilapidated farmhouse, whilst within the last few years it had been on the point of being converted into a pair of semi-detached villas and has also had one or two narrow escapes of being demolished. Incidentally, therefore, Fr. Lopes' philanthropic schemes on behalf of the rising generation have been instrumental in preserving to us a link with the past of which any parish might be justly proud. This is Fr. Lopes' second "venture of faith" in Badsey, and we think we may claim to voice the sentiments of the parish generally in saying that, by his splendid example of self-sacrifice and liberality, he has won the respect and admiration of all, even of his severest critics. We wish St. Christopher's the best of all good wishes "Good luck in the Name of the Lord."