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September 1902 - Proposed new clock for Badsey

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


A meeting of those interested in providing a new clock for Badsey Church was held in the old School, on Wednesday, August 20th, at 8 p.m. There was a fair attendance, and much interest was shown in the proceedings. The Vicar read out an estimate which he had received from Messrs. John Smith and Sons, of Derby. This firm undertakes to put in a clock of the very best workmanship, having the famous Westminster Chimes attached to strike all the quarters and the hours, for £128. The clock could be provided without the chimes for a less cost, but it would be a very pleasant variety in the life of the village to hear these beautiful chimes, and the majority of the meeting seemed in favour of having them. Several of those present gave increased donations on the understanding that these chimes were added to the clock. Messrs. Smith and Sons guarantee, if we accept their estimate, that the clock will maintain true time with less variation than 3 seconds in a week, and they further undertake to keep it in order free of charge for two years. No definite decision was come to, as to giving the order for the clock at once, but a general feeling was expressed that the clock with chimes should be provided, and the following were authorised to canvass the village to obtain donations for this purpose, viz.: Messrs. J. Agg, C. A. Binyon, R. Pendlebury, R. R. Smith, H. Stewart, E Warner, E, Wilson, and the Vicar. At the present time the sum of £27 15s. 8d. has been paid into Lloyd's Bank for the Clock Fund.