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August 1902 - Rose Garden Fete at Seward House, Badsey

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


Fine weather favoured the Rose Garden Fete held on July 2nd at Seward House, and the general result was most successful both as regards finances and the enjoyment afforded to the visitors. The late season had, unfortunately, rather retarded the bloom on many of the rose trees, but the climbing trees were very pretty and did their best to make up for the tardiness of the others. Many would-be rosarians were glad to gather a few hints about rose-growing from Mr. Sladden's lecture, and to make a close inspection of the garden. The concerts were a feature of the afternoon's programme, which seemed very popular. Some pretty glees were well rendered by some members of the Badsey Glee Society; the Rev. Harcourt Fowler's songs were much enjoyed, and mention must also be made of the pianoforte solos by Miss May Cull and the violoncello solos by Miss May Butler. The children's action songs were very well done, especially " Topsy-turvey," in which they all stood and walked about on their heads like little acrobats. Tea was served on the lawn after the first concert was over. Many thanks are due to those who helped with, the tea, their task was no light one, but all showed themselves able waiters and waitresses and all went off without a hitch. Not only the tea, but also many other parts of the entertainment could not have been carried out without the kind help most readily given of those who assisted in making the various necessary arrangements. To all of these, also to Mr. and Mrs. Cull for their kind offer of the use of their piano, and to all the performers, very grateful thanks are accorded. The amount realized by the fete was £20 2s. 3d. This has been paid in to Lloyds Bank, and the amount now in hand for the two new bells is nearly £45; that is almost two-thirds of the amount required. A little more combined effort would soon raise the rest of the money and enable the work to be put in hand.