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October 1904 - Choir Outing to Weston-super-Mare

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


The long talked-of trip has at last taken place, and the choir, both men and boys, have been to Weston-super-Mare. The weather on September 1st, the day selected, was perfect, and other circumstances contributed to make the outing thoroughly enjoyable. In order that the younger members of the party might arrive at Weston with energies unimpaired for partaking in the delights afforded by the sea-side, Mr. John Crane very generously drove the choristers to Evesham station, and the railway journey was rendered exceptionally comfortable through the courtesy of the Midland Railway Company, who reserved three roomy compartments for the accommodation of the party. The forenoon was spent on the shore, most of the Badseyites indulging in a dip in the briny. At one o'clock all sat down to a good dinner at Huntley's Beach Restaurant, and rose from the tables with renewed vigour for the serious work of 'doing' Weston during the afternoon. The boys found much to amuse them on the Old Pier, which is well supplied with such shows as we are accustomed to associate with the Stockey on Club Day. All assembled at Huntey's at 5.30 for tea, and then dispersed in three or four sections to make the best of the evening. The usual Niggers and Pierrots provided the usual entertainment on the shore, and an excellent string-band performed in the Concert Room on the New Pier; but perhaps the most fortunate members of the Badsey party were those who found their way to Grove Park, which was beautifully illuminated, and where the Military Band provided a first-class programme. At the close of the concert Messrs. Brock, of Crystal Palace fame, gave one of their unrivalled firework displays, concluding with a realistic representation of the siege of Port Arthur. A move was made from Weston at 10.40 p.m., all arriving in Evesham at 1 a.m., as fresh as paint, and the one item necessary to make the success of the day's outing complete was supplied by Mr. Cull who, with his customary generosity, provided two conveyances to take the choristers home to Badsey. The party included, in addition to the men and boys of the choir, Mrs. Hands, Mrs. Warner, Mrs. J. Agg, the Vicar, Mr. Binyon and Mr. W. Cull, and thanks are particularly due to Mr. Binyon, who gave himself considerable trouble in helping the boys to make the best of their day by the sea.