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January 1905 - New Stove for Badsey Church

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


The Churchwardens of Badsey have just supplied a long-felt want in providing a new stove for the church. The old stove had never been a really satisfactory one. Even in its early days very considerable humouring was required to induce it to 'keep in' all night, and in its declining years no amount of coaxing could prevail over its deeply-rooted aversion to 'long hours.' The result was, the weekly business of fire-lighting had to be deferred until Sunday morning, when one generally found the temperature of the church suggestive of the fire-less days of, say, four hundred years ago ; whilst thanks to twentieth-century methods of encouraging combustion in place, of the cloud of sweet-smelling frankincense, so familiar to the Badsey congregation in those far-off times, one has not unfrequently had to contend with the very-far-from-edifying odour of petroleum fumes. Better things, however, are in store for us, and we may in future expect to find a moderately well-aired church, even at the early services. The new stove is to cost about £14, and, as it is quite clear that it cannot be paid for out of the general fund for church expenses, the wardens will be compelled to make a special appeal. We trust they will be encouraged in their efforts to secure the comfort and health of all, by a willing and liberal response on the part of parishioners.