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March 1899 - Badsey Sunday Schools and Penny Bank

Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of S James, Badsey, with Aldington & S John Baptist, Wickhamford
Transcription of article


The prizes were given to the Children attending the Sunday Schools, on Sunday, January 15th. There are a very large number of children on the books, viz., 174 at Badsey, and the attendance has been very good. We are very thankful for this, and we hope such a happy state of things will continue, as a really good Sunday School is a most important part of the work of the Parish. A Sunday School has also been carried on at Wickhamford during the past year, and has been very successful. We are very grateful to all the Teachers for the valuable help which they give to the schools. We here give a balance sheet of monies received and expended during the years 1897 and 1898. Mrs. Sladden has kindly acted as Treasurer. Receipts: Collections in Church (1898) £2 18s. 4d. Mrs. Poole, 4s.; Mrs. Wood, 5s.; Mrs. Sladden, 10s.; Mrs. W. Keen, 6d.; Mrs. Mustoe, 6s.; Mr. Savory, 10s.; Anonymous, 4s. 3d.; The Vicar, 5s.; Small Sums, 6d.; Balance due to Treasurer 19s. ; Total £6. 2s. 7d.; Payments, Prizes (1898) £3. 3s. 5d.; Printing, 12s. ; Coal, 10s.; Cleaning etc. (2 years) £1 15s ; Broom, 2s. 2d.; Total, £6 2s. 7d. The collection in Church on January 8th last, amounted to £1. 7s. 7d. part of which was required to pay off the deficit on last year's accounts, hence there was but a small sum left towards the cost of the prizes given last month. We trust that the Parishioners will be willing to give a small annual subscription towards the expenses A penny bank has been carried on in connection with the School. The children paid in the large sum of £102 15s. and £2 1s. 7d. was added as interest making a total of £104. 16s. 7d. To provide the interest, the Post Office Savings Bank paid 19s. and the Vicar added the remainder viz. £1 2s. 7d. We are greatly indebted to Mrs. Mason for managing the Bank at Badsey, and to Mrs. Warner for doing the same at Wickhamford. It has involved much time and labour, and they deserve our warmest thanks.