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Photographic Survey of Badsey & Aldington 2021

Photographic surveys of the village took place in 1968 and 2008; in 40 years, the number of houses in the village had nearly doubled.  But even in the 13 years that have elapsed since the 2008 survey, much has changed.  Over 15% of Badsey’s houses have been built in the last decade or so, and some houses have been demolished.  Several completely new roads have appeared:  Stone Pippin Orchard, Fothersway and Sladden Close, to name but a few.  It was for this reason that it was felt important to do a follow-up survey.

These photos will thus form the basis of an important archive for future generations.  In a hundred years’ time, when the census we completed in April 2021 becomes available for public viewing, we hope that the photos will have survived in some format, allowing our descendants to see the house where an ancestor lived.

Photography took place primarily in April and May 2021, undertaken by a team of 16 photographers:  Wendy Chapman, Graham Corbett, John Dallimore, Rosemarie Davies, Ross Davis, Paul Green, Wendy Gwynn, Andy Higgitt, Jeff Nice, Chris Smith, Maureen Spinks, Tony Spinks, Gill Stewart, Peter Stewart, Alan Tutton, Gill Woods.

Please click on the links below to see photos for each road.