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It's all gone viral!

As we're stuck at home in isolation
Old folks have every expectation
Of being 'banged up' for many months ahead
We'll miss the social interaction
And if we show dissatisfaction
We're told 'don't go out or you may come back dead!'

It's a funny sort of war
When you can't go through the door
And the enemy is too small to be seen.
The virus came all the way from China,
Then infected a huge cruise liner,
And has caused anxiety wherever it has been.

So, there's no church and there's no pub,
There's no sport and there's no club.
Hours of that awful Mrs. Brown on B.B.C.
There are no toilet rolls on sale
So, we cut up the Daily Mail,
But that's nowhere near as soft as it might be!

Hoarders, just thinking of themselves
Have emptied all the shelves.
Selfishness is still alive and well,
And now we've abandoned any hope
Of finding stocks of soap,
Zero chance of any sanitising gel.

The good Samaritans abound
And they are going round
To offer help to those in isolation.
They make up for all the greedy
By giving help to all the needy
And by that restore our faith in this great nation.

So until normality returns,
We trust that everybody soon learns
To appreciate the life, we all once had.
Now we must look forward to the day
When the virus goes away
Then we can emerge, and all go mad!

Brian Smith, Aldington, 16th March 2020