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The Coronavirus Chronicles

How has lockdown been for you?  We are living through a pivotal period in our history when the whole world has been affected by a global pandemic.  Just over a century ago during the First World War, young men fighting overseas sent letters to the Vicar telling of their experiences.  Radio 4 programmes such as Pandemic 1918 about the Spanish flu, in which The Badsey Society made a small contribution in Episode 2 and Episode 3, show the importance of oral and written testimonies from the time.  Eighty years ago, when the world was at war again, Mass Observation diaries told of the everyday lives of ordinary folk.

Now we have an unseen enemy that we are fighting.  We would love to hear about your experiences during this strange period – whether you are employed, on furlough, or retired.  The only requirement is that you either live or work, or have lived in Badsey, Aldington or Wickhamford, or are a member of The Badsey Society.  Please send around 300-500 words to  If you wish to remain anonymous, your name will not be published.  The chronicles will provide a fascinating snapshot in a time of national crisis.