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Valuation Survey - Badsey (assessment number 549)

Assessment Number
National Archives Field Book Reference
Date Inspected
24 Oct 1912
Present-day Address or Approximate Location
Rusholme, 29 Brewers Lane

Property description

Estimated Extent
0a 0r 16p
Interest of Owner
Lanket Lane - Rusholme
2 front rooms, 1 bay window, back kitchen, pantry, 3 bedrooms.

Occupier, owner and rent details

Occupier's name
Owner's Name
William KNIGHT
Address of Owner (as in Valuation Book or Provisional Valuation)
Asparago House, Badsey
Rent Amount
Occupier's Tenancy - Term
Half yearly

Valuation details

Gross Value (amount which the land might be expected to make on the open market, free of any encumbrances)£260
Full Site Value (amount which remained after deducting the value of the buildings, etc, from the gross value of the land)£20
Total Value (gross value, with deductions made for any fixed charges, rights of way and rights of common)£260
Assessable Site Value£20
Deductions for buildings and structures (when working out the full site value)£240
Deductions made for fixed charges, etc (when working out the Total Value)£240

Provisional valuation and sale details

Provisional Valuation Date Confirmed
26 Feb 1913

Additional information

Land Valuation Survey Maps
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2008 photo
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1968 photo