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Valuation Survey - Wickhamford (assessment number 1005)

Assessment Number
National Archives Field Book Reference
Date Inspected
17 Feb 1913
Present-day Address or Approximate Location
Wickham House, Manor Road

Property description

House, Buildings and Land
Estimated Extent
83a 1r 28p
Interest of Owner
Pitchers Hill Farm
Brick and slate house, fair repair: 4 bedrooms, hall, drawing room, dining room, kitchen, pantry and servant's room, back kitchen and dairy, 2 rooms over wash-house. Brick and tile stabling for 3, pigsty, brick and tile nags' stable for 6, harness room, loft over, cow stall for 3, brick and tile barn and chaff-cutting room adjoining, timber and slate cow stable for 4, timber and slate brick foundation loose box, cow tier for 12 with feeding passage, calf pen, timber and tile open cart shed 6 bays, brick and slate open cart shed 3 bays, granary over, timber and iron open feeding shed 3 bays. Buildings in poor repair.

Occupier, owner and rent details

Occupier's name
William SMITH
Owner's Name
Address of Owner (as in Valuation Book or Provisional Valuation)
c/o Trustees of J P Lord, Messrs Lord & Parker, 3 Foregate Street, Evesham (agent Mr R Webb, High Street, Evesham)
Rent Amount
£123 (includes 1006)
Occupier's Tenancy - Term
Occupier's Tenancy From
29 Sep 1907

Valuation details

Gross Value (amount which the land might be expected to make on the open market, free of any encumbrances)£4445
Full Site Value (amount which remained after deducting the value of the buildings, etc, from the gross value of the land)£3590
Total Value (gross value, with deductions made for any fixed charges, rights of way and rights of common)£3995
Assessable Site Value£3140
Deductions for buildings and structures (when working out the full site value)£700
Deductions for timber (when working out the full site value)£50
Deductions for fruit trees (when working out the full site value)£5
Deductions for other things growing or on the land (when working out the full site value)£100
Deductions made for fixed charges, etc (when working out the Total Value)£855
Deductions made for things such as easements, tithes, public rights of way when arriving at market value£450 (tithes £370; public right of way (footpath) £80)

Provisional valuation and sale details

Provisional Valuation Date Confirmed
29 Aug 1913

Additional information

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Photos of the property
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2015 photo