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BANHAM, George Frederick (1888-1974) – Army Veterinary Service

Captain George Frederick Banham (1888-1974) moved to Wickhamford in the 1950s.  He was born in Cambridge, a son of a Veterinary Surgeon, George Amos Banham, and his wife, Elizabeth.

George also became a Veterinary Surgeon and joined the Army Veterinary Service, but his service details no longer survive.  Two editions of The London Gazette in 1919, mention him – he was promoted from temporary Lieutenant to temporary Captain on 5th March and relinquished his commission on 16th November.  The latter entry mentions that he could retain the rank of Captain.   (The name Royal Army Veterinary Corps was adopted on 27th November 1918).

George Banham married Elsie Cockburn (née Simkin) in North Gloucestershire in late 1940.   He is reported in local newspapers as organising a gymkhana at Campden in 1941 and competing in various shows with lightweight hunters in the area in the 1940s.  George and Elsie Banham lived at Wickhamford Manor for a few years in the 1950s and 1960s. An article in the Midlands edition of the TV Times in 1960 mentions ‘Captain George Banham’ as living there at that time.

He died in the Bristol area in 1978.