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BISHOP, Henry (Will)

Personal information

Place of Residence
Probate Type
Occupation or Status
Date Made
24 Nov 1807
William Collett, Sarah Jones, D Jones
Buried in parish

Probate details

Date Proved
21 Aug 1809
Place proved
Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Details of Will

I, Henry Bishop, of Badsey, labourer, being of a sound mind understanding and memory, give:

  • To Mary my beloved wife the sum of £8 a year for her life with one of my tenements at Badsey to live in and after her decease I give the said tenement to my son William
  • I give her also the use of all my household goods during her natural life and after her decease I give my goods between my four children, Henry, Thomas, William and Mary Bishop
  • To William Bishop my youngest son all my house and gardens (the tenement or part of the house already mentioned for my said wife for and during her life) situate and being in Badsey to hold for ever
  • Also I give him £2 9s a year during my said wife’s life which sum added to the £8 before mentioned makes the interest of £209 I hold in the Navy 5% annuities
  • To Thomas Bishop my second son all my house and lands at Offenham for ever
  • To my daughter Mary Bishop the sum of £100
  • And the rest of the £209 I give between my two sons Henry and William which legacies are to be paid immediately after the decease of my wife
  • All the rest and residue of my estate I give to my wife and son Henry

Executors:  My wife Mary Bishop, my son Henry Bishop

Signed:  Mark of Henry Bishop

Notes and sources

Copy in Badsey Society Archive.
Source of Information
The National Archives (link)
Where to view copy of original document
Available online on payment of fee, or by ordering document at The National Archives, Kew (link)