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Wills - Probate Records pre 1858, Badsey and Aldington

This list is currently listed alphabetically by Name.  If you wish to sort by Abode, Year Proved or Probate Type, please click on the appropriate heading.

Name Abode Year Proved Probate Type
ACTON (also GUNNER, LORUM), Anne Badsey 1646 Administration
AMARIS, Joan Aldington 1613 Will
APPELBEE, Edward Badsey 1852 Will
ARROWSMITH, Anthony Badsey 1705 Administration
BALLARD, William Badsey 1803 Administration
BANNESTER, John Badsey 1715 Administration
BANNISTER, Alice Shepherd Aldington 1795 Limited Admin
BANNISTER, Francis Aldington 1678 Administration
BARBER, Martha Badsey 1761 Will
BEARD, Margaret Badsey 1699 Administration
BEESLEY, James Badsey 1768 Will
BENTON, Ann Badsey 1854 Will
BENTON, Jane Badsey 1828 Administration
BINGLEY, William Greenway Badsey 1848 Administration
BIRD, Samuel Badsey 1729 Administration
BIRD, Samuel Aldington 1745 Will
BIRD, Thomas Badsey 1768 Will
BIRD (alias SMITH), Margery Badsey 1700 Administration
BISHOP, Henry Badsey 1809 Will
BISHOP, Jonathan Badsey 1765 Will
BISHOP, William Badsey 1856 Will
BOLTE, William Aldington 1623 Administration (with Will)
BONNER, William Badsey 1727 Will
BOOKER, John Aldington 1709 Administration (with will)
BRAIN, Esther Badsey 1788 Will
BREWER, Thomas Badsey 1670 Administration
BROKES, John Badsey 1595 Administration
BROOKE, Catherine Badsey 1612 Administration & Inventory
BROOKE, John Aldington 1592 Administration
BROOKE, John Aldington 1677 Administration
BROOKS, Edward Aldington 1721 Will
BRYAN, Margery Badsey 1658 Will
BUGDEN, Agnes Aldington 1602 Will
BUGDEN, John Aldington 1596 Will
BUGDEN, John Aldington 1624 Will
BUGDEN, John Aldington 1666-7 Administration
BUGDEN, John Aldington 1678 Administration
BUGDEN, John Aldington 1689 Administration
BYRD, Henry Badsey 1774 Will
BYRD, James Badsey 1793 Will
BYRD, Thomas Badsey 1835 Will
CLEMENTI, Muzio Evesham 1832 Will
COLLETT, Ann Badsey 1837 Will
COLLETT, John Badsey 1832 Will
COLLETT, William Badsey 1814 Will
COLLETT, William Badsey 1850 Will
COOK, Esther Aldington 1851 Administration
COOPER, John Badsey 1678 Will
COOPER, Thomas Badsey 1680 Will
COTTERELL, Thomas Badsey 1786 Will
CRAFT, George Badsey 1632 Will
CRUMPE, John Badsey 1624 Administration
DARK, Thomas Aldington 1610 Will
DARKE, Jane Badsey 1584 Unknown
DARKE, Thomas Aldington 1678 Will
DARKE, William Aldington 1636 Will
DARKE, William Aldington 1673 Will
DARRILL, Ann Badsey 1806 Will
DARRILL, Edward Aldington 1797 Will
DARRILL, Hannah Badsey 1802 Will
DARRILL, John Badsey 1794 Will
DARRILL, Mary Badsey 1821 Administration
DAY, George Stock and Bradley, Fladbury 1842 Will
DINGLEY, Clement Badsey 1664 Administration
DINGLEY, Clemons Badsey 1662 Will
DRINKWATER, Frances Badsey 1600 Marriage Bond
DRINKWATER, William Badsey 1838 Will
FOLLET, John Badsey 1699 Will
FORREST, William Badsey 1700 Will
GEORGE, Eliza Badsey 1712 Administration
GEORGE, Eliza Badsey 1714-15 Will
GEORGE, Margery Badsey 1555 Will
GEORGE, Robert Badsey 1712-13 Will
GEORGE, Robert the elder Badsey 1669 Will
GEORGE, William Badsey 1608 Will
GEORGE, William Badsey 1680 Administration
GIBBS, John Badsey 1828 Will
GIBBS, Nathan Badsey 1826 Administration
GLADWIN, Rebecca Badsey 1776 Will
GODFREY, William Offenham 1774 Will
GOULD, Joseph Badsey 1814 Will
GOULD, Joseph Badsey 1849 Will
GREEN, John Badsey 1704-5 Will
GREENE, Ferdinand Badsey 1677 Will
GREENE, Sarah Badsey 1694 Will
GROVE, Ann Aldington 1792 Will
GROVE, Charlotte Badsey 1819 Administration
GROVE, Edward Badsey 1611 Will
GROVE, Elizabeth Badsey 1616 Will
GROVE, Elizabeth Badsey 1797 Will
GROVE, Francis Badsey 1663 Will
GROVE, Francis Badsey 1755 Will
GROVE, John Badsey 1604 Inventory
GROVE, John Badsey 1695 Will
GROVE, Pearcy Badsey 1709 Will
GROVE, Robert Badsey 1588 Will
GROVE, Thomas Aldington 1715 Will
GROVE, Thomas Aldington 1774 Will
GROVE, Thomas Aldington 1792 Administration
GROVE, Thomas Aldington 1793 Administration