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GIBBS, John (Will)

Personal information

Place of Residence
Probate Type
Occupation or Status
Date Made
9 Jan 1828
H Workman, John Whitfield Acton, William Knight
Buried in parish

Probate details

Date Proved
7 Jul 1828
Place proved
Details of Will

I John Gibbs of Badsey, farmer, give:

  • To my granddaughter Elizabeth White for her care and attention to me during my illness the sum of £5 which sum I direct shall be paid to her by my executors upon her attaining the age of 21 years
  • To my daughter-in-law, Mrs Sarah Gibbs, widow, all my baking tools, dough troughs and other things which have been used by me in my bakehouse together with my little washing furnace for her own sole separate and absolute use and benefit
  • To my daughter Sarah Gibbs all my plate, together with the best mahogany round tan? Table and the large brewing furnace for her own sole separate and absolute use and benefit
  • And the residue of my household furniture, stock, crops of corn, implements of husbandry and all and singular other my personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever I give and bequeath unto my friends Thomas Sheaf of Offenham, farmer, and John Marshall of Blockley, farmer, upon trust that they or the survivor of them, his executors or administrators do permit and suffer my son Joseph and my said daughter Sarah and also my said daughter-in-law to use and enjoy my household furniture and implements of household for the space of 12 calendar months next after my decease and after the expiration of that period or as soon as convenient upon trust that they or he do and shall make sale and disposition of the same household furniture and other effects and after such sale and disposition as aforesaid do and shall stand possessed of the proceeds thereof upon the same trusts and for the like purposes as one hereinafter declared of and concerning the money which shall be raised by the sale of my stock, crops of corn and implements of husbandry.  And as to the said stock, crops of corn and implements of husbandry and the residue of my personal estate and effects upon trust as soon after my decease as conveniently may be to sell and dispose of such parts thereof and do not consist of money and do and shall stand possessed of the produce thereof after paying all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses and the legacy hereinbefore given to my granddaughter upon and for the ends intents and purposes following (that is to say)
  • One equal half part thereof upon trust to pay the same unto my daughter Sarah her executors or administrators
  • And the other one equal half part upon trust to pay and equally divide the same amongst my daughter-in-law the said Sarah Gibbs, my daughter Elizabeth White, the wife of James White of Bretforton, farmer, and my sons, Charles, Joseph and John, share and share alike
  • I give and devise All that my cottage or tenement wheelwright shop Garden and Yard together with the new cellar thereto adjoining and belonging now in the occupation of William Ballard unto and to the use of my son Joseph Gibbs his heirs and assigns for ever freed and discharged of and from the payment of any part of the mortgage money which the same premises may be charged with at the time of my decease but subject to and charged and chargeable with the payment of the sum of £20 unto my said daughter Elizabeth White which sum I direct shall be paid to her within 12 calendar months next after my decease, nevertheless my will is and I do declare that if my daughter Elizabeth or her husband shall be indebted unto my son Joseph in any sum of money at the time of my decease it shall be lawful for him to retain the same sum of £20
  • I give and devise All the messuages lands and hereditaments of or to which I or any person or persons in trust for me am is or are entitled for an estate of freehold and inheritance or of freeholds only with their appurtenances unto and to the use of Thomas Sheaf and John Marshall.  Thomas Sheaf and John Marshall shall permit and suffer my son Joseph and my daughter Sarah and also my daughter-in-law Sarah Gibbs, widow, to continue to use and enjoy the apartments of and in my said Messuage or tenement bakehouse stable yard garden and orchard situate at Badsey, which they have heretofore occupied for the space of 12 calendar months next after my decease and without their paying any rent.  After the expiration of that period, my Trustees shall dispose of my real estate either by public auction or by private contract as they or he shall be advised or deem most advantageous and either together or in lots at or for the best prices that can be had for the same with liberty and power for them to buy in the same premises or any part or parts thereof at any auction or actions and to resell the same without being answerable for any deficiency which may arise thereby and to receive and give receipts and discharges for the consideration monies and to convey and assume and to sign seal and execute and deliver all contracts agreements deeds to the purchasers
  • As to for and concerning one equal fourth pat after the deduction of the costs attending such sale, the Trustees shall place out the same at interest upon government or real security in England and continue to keep the same so placed out until after the death of my said daughter-in-law Sarah Gibbs.  Towards the maintenance and education of her children.  After her decease then my will and I direct my trustees for the time being to call in the money by them placed out at interest and to pay and divide unto and amongst all and every the children of my son Nathan Gibbs deceased in equal portions when they shall respectively attain the age of 21 years.
  • And as to one other equal fourth part, retain the sum of £50 for the purposes hereinafter mentioned and after such deduction upon further trust that they shall pay the residue to my son Charles Gibbs.
  • And as to the two other remaining fourth parts, upon trust that my trustees shall pay the same unto my daughter Sarah Gibbs and son John Gibbs for their own absolute use and disposal.  Provided always that the £50 be deducted out of the one fourth part of the money to arise from such sale, if the said James White shall not at the time of my decease have paid off and discharged a certain joint bond made and for the sum of £50 then it is my will and order the trustees to pay over the said sum of £50.  If James White has paid it, £50 could go to my daughter Elizabeth White for her own sole separate and absolute use
  • And my will further is and I do hereby fully authorise and power my said trustees my daughter-in-law Sarah Gibbs widow to give her a sufficient release and discharge for all rent and also for all other sums of money which may be due from her to me at the time of my decease in consideration of which it is my will that she shall and do supply and provide a sufficient quantity of flour and bread in like manner as she has been in the habit of doing for my said son Joseph and my said daughter Sarah from the day of my death for and during the time or period they are to occupy my messuage and hereditaments as aforesaid.

Notes and sources

Source of Information
Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service (link)
Where to view copy of original document
On microfilm at Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service, The Hive, Worcester (link)