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JARRETT, Augustine (Will)

Personal information

Place of Residence
Probate Type
Date Made
28 Nov 1685
Charles Nixon, William Forrest, William Norris?
Date Died
Nov 1685
Buried in parish

Probate details

Date Proved
17 Mar 1687
Place proved
Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Details of Will

I, Augustine Jarrett of Badsey, being weak of body but of sound and perfect judgement and memory praise be to God for the same, make this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

  • To my nephew James Jarrett of London all my house, outhouses and appurtenances and all my land whatsoever within the parish of Badsey and Bretforton and also all the Tythe Hay in Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford and also all that my estate in Harvington upon condition that the said James Jarret shall pay all my debts and all and singular the legacies herein by me bequeathed and specified and shall also pay the value of the interest and yearly profit of that five pounds which my mother in her last will and testament left to the poor of Badsey and Aldington forever
  • To my nephew William Mayo all my dwelling houses in Bengeworth with the land appurtenances to them belonging excepting  …
  • To my cousin Thomas Watson son of my uncle Thomas Watson of Bengworth my house in Bengworth called the Bear Inn together will all the outhouses, land and appurtenances belonging unto it
  • To my nephew William Mayo my estate at Longesmall and Leatherlands … in Evesham with the appurtenances thereunto belonging
  • To my cousin Leonard Fryer son of William Fryer of Evesham the sum of £20
  • To my cousin Thomas Martin, son of Thomas Martin of Seaberne State? £40 for to set him forth apprentice
  • To my godson Augustine Martin, son of Augustine Martin of Bradwsell? I bequeath £5
  • To my cousin Francis Harwood? of Evesham I bequeath £5
  • To my uncle John? William Watson my best silver tankard
  • To my loving friend Ralph Norris? Cler? of South Littleton the sum of £40
  • To my servants Henry Bellingham, John ? John Roberts, William Jastern, I bequeath to each of them 50 shillings apiece
  • To my servants Katherine Bagge and Elizabeth Blarstock I give 40 shillings apiece
  • To Francis Harwood at the Mill the sum of 40 shillings
  • To my servant John Moore I give 10 shillings
  • To Andrew Ingram of Bengworth £1
  • To the poor of Badsey and Aldington I give £5 to be bestowed upon them the day of my funeral
  • To the poor aforesaid I bestow the sum of £20 for ever, the yearly interest and profits whereof shall be paid to them in bread at these four seasons of the year, viz Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide and St James

And as to my personal estate, goods and the rest after the charges of my funeral defrayed I give to my two executors to be equally divided between them the sum of £40 which shall be deposited in the hands of my brother Mr Humphrey Mayo whom I ……….. any mistakes that may have happened in any of my accounts between Sir James Rushout and the tenants wherein I have been … least by any means either Landlord or tenant might suffer any damage by me

Executors:  My two nephews James Jarret and William Mayo

I appoint my loving cousin William Fryer and my loving friend Ralph Norres to be Overseers of the same they knowing my full intent and meaning in all the particulars thereof

Made:  28th November 1685

Signed:  Aug Jarrett

Witnesses:  Charles Nixon, William Forrest, William Norris?

Proved:  At London 17th March 1687

Notes and sources

Copy in Badsey Society Archive.
Source of Information
The National Archives (link)
Where to view copy of original document
Available online on payment of fee, or by ordering document at The National Archives, Kew (link)