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YARDLEY, Richard (Will)

Personal information

Place of Residence
Probate Type
Date Made
22 Jan 1531
Thomas Mylner; Raff a Bageley
Buried in parish

Probate details

Date Proved
22 Jan 1531
Place proved
Details of Will

The following summary of the will of Richard Yardley appeared in the July 1915 edition of the Badsey Parish Magazine. E A B Barnard, FSA, of Evesham, was a regular contributor to the magazine and wrote a series on “Old Badsey Wills”.

In the Calendar of the early Wills preserved in the Probate Registry at Worcester is one described as being that of Richard Yardley, of Evesham. By chance I have recently discovered that an error has been made, and that the Will in question is really that of Richard Yardley, of Aldington. The Will is dated 22 Jan. 1531 and there can be no doubt that "Awnton" represents Aldington, as the book in which the Will appears is noted as being that of "Wills of Exempt Jurisdiction of the Vale of Evesham."

The following are the principal details of the Will:

I Rye Yardley of Awnton . . . bequeath my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Our Lady and St. Egwyne, Evesham.

  • To the Mother Church of Evesham, 2s.
  • To the Church of Badsey, a strike of wheat.
  • To the Church of Wyckanford, one strike of barley.
  • To the Chappell at Awnton one hog, one strike of wheat and one strike of barley.
  • To the Church of Eleme, one strike of wheat’

Bequests to John my son, Margaret my daughter, Thomas Russell, Richard Harris, godson, Richard Russell, godson, Joan, my wife, Robert, my son, Alice Todynton, my servant. Overseers. Sir Thomas Jamys, Rychard Pygyn and Johnson Broke. Witnesses, Thomas Mylner and Raff a Bageley.


(1) The Badsey Churchwardens' Accounts, contain several references to members of the Yardley Family during the period 1525 to 1571.

(2) At present the above is the only reference known to a Chapel formerly existing at Aldington.

Notes and sources

Source of Information
Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service (link)
Where to view copy of original document
On microfilm at Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service, The Hive, Worcester (link)