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JONES, John (Will)

Personal information

Place of Residence
Probate Type
Occupation or Status
John Joanes or Jones, Clerk (Minister)
Date Made
27 Oct 1648
Date Died
Dec 1648
Buried in parish

Probate details

Date Proved
29 Jan 1649
Place proved
Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Probate to
Mary Joanes, widow
Details of Will

I, John Joanes, clerk, of Wickhamford, being feeble in body but of perfect mind and memory and knowing nothing more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the time when, do here make this my last will and testament.  I bequeath:

  • My soul into the hands of Almighty God my maker and body to the earth to be buried in Wickhamford Chancel next to Katherine my wife.
  • To my daughter, Mary, [£4?] to be paid to her when she reaches 23 years; also the three [?] that she now has
  • To my son [£3?] to be paid to him when he reaches 21 years
  • Towards the repair of [?], 40 shillings
  • To the families of Thomas Roper, William Widdows and John Simmons, 1 shilling 8 pence a piece
  • To Margaret Booker and Alice her sister, 12 pence a piece
  • To John Booker and John Wilkes, my godsons, 1 shilling 8 pence a piece
  • Towards the repair of the church of Wickhamford, 20 shillings
  • To Mary, my wife, all the rest of my goods and chattels and personal
  • To Robert Fletcher, James Burnett and John Harris, overseers of this my will, 5 shillings to drink in wine for their pains

Notes and sources

Source of Information
The National Archives (link)
Where to view copy of original document
Available online on payment of fee, or by ordering document at The National Archives, Kew (link)