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Wills - Probate Records pre 1858, Wickhamford

This list is currently listed alphabetically by Name.  If you wish to sort by Abode, Year Proved or Probate Type, please click on the appropriate heading.

Name Abode Year Proved Probate Type
BAYLIS, Anne Wickhamford 1690 Will
BAYLIS, John Wickhamford 1728 Will
BAYLISS, John Wickhamford 1687 Will
BEARD, Francis Wickhamford 1675 Will
BEARD, John Wickhamford 1667 Will
BLIZZARD, Margery Wickhamford 1681 Will
BOOKER, Alice Wickhamford 1697 Will
BOOKER, Thomas Wickhamford 1598 Will
BOOKER, Thomas Wickhamford 1677 Administration
BOOKER, William Wickhamford 1595 Will
BOOKER, William Wickhamford 1631 Administration
BOWKER, Elizabeth Wickhamford 1631 Administration
BOWKER, John Wickhamford 1622 Will
BOWKER, Margaret Wickhamford 1641 Will
BROOKES, Benjamin Wickhamford 1808 Administration
BURSTON, Thomas Wickhamford 1618 Will
BURTE, Elizabeth Wickhamford 1620 Will
BURTE, Mary Wickhamford 1622 Will
COLLET, William Wickhamford 1706 Administration
CORMELL, William Thomas Wickhamford 1716 Administration
CURTISS, Thomas Wickhamford 1665 Will
EVANS, Elizabeth Wickhamford 1801 Will
EVANS, Francis Wickhamford 1802 Will
EWINS, Francis Wickhamford 1825 Administration
FIELD, Anne Wickhamford 1703 Will
FISHER, Margaret Wickhamford 1699 Administration
FISHER, Mary Wickhamford 1733 Will
FISHER, Ralph Wickhamford 1768 Administration
FISHER, Stephan Wickhamford 1622 Will
FISHER, Stephen Wickhamford 1700 Will
FISHER, William Wickhamford 1698 Will
FISHER, William Wickhamford 1728 Will
GROVE (OR RICHARDS), Ann Wickhamford 1776 Administration
HEWS, John Wickhamford 1727 Will
HOLLAND, Francis Wickhamford 1783 Will
HORNE, Richard Wickhamford 1626 Administration
JONES, John Wickhamford 1649 Will
JONES, John Wickhamford 1793 Will
KINMAN, Thomas Wickhamford 1620 Will
MASON, Robert Wickhamford 1722 Will
MASON, Robert Wickhamford 1750 Will
OLDACRE, Richard Wickhamford 1708 Administration
OLDAKERS, Maria Wickhamford 1716 Administration
ORDWAY, John Wickhamford 1555 Will
REEVE, William Wickhamford 1695/96 Will
RICHARDS (OR GROVE), Ann Wickhamford 1776 Administration
ROBBINS, Catherine Wickhamford 1838 Will
SANDYS, Elizabeth Wickhamford 1699 Will
SANDYS, Mercy Ombersley 1630 Will
SANDYS, Samuel Ombersley 1623 Will
SAWYER, Albert Wickhamford 1830 Administration
SMITH, Anthony Wickhamford 1814 Administration
STANTON, Richard Wickhamford 1824 Administration
STEPHENS, Rachel Wickhamford 1721/22 Will
TAYLOR, Ann Wickhamford 1828 Administration
TAYLOR, John Wickhamford 1852 Will
TAYLOR, Joseph Wickhamford 1840 Will
TAYLOR, Samuel Wickhamford 1856 Will
TIMBRILL, Thomas Wickhamford 1737 Will
WALKER, Maria Wickhamford 1621 Will
WALKER, William Wickhamford 1603 Will
WASHINGTON, Penelope Wickhamford 1697/98 Will
WHITE, Daniel Wickhamford 1659 Will
WHITE, Thomas Wickhamford 1770 Administration
WHITE, William Wickhamford 1700 Will
WHITE, William Wickhamford 1767 Will
WILSON, Ann Wickhamford 1776 Will
WILSON, John Wickhamford 1753 Will
WILSON, Richard Wickhamford 1659 Will
WILSON, William Wickhamford 1621 Administration
WINNE, Emma Wickhamford 1627 Will