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SHEAF, Thomas (Will)

Personal information

Place of Residence
Probate Type
Occupation or Status
Date Made
13 Apr 1863
George H Garrard of Evesham, Solicitor; John Smith, his clerk
Date Died
16 Dec 1865
Buried in parish

Probate details

Date Proved
11 Jan 1866
Place proved
Details of Will

I Thomas Sheaf of Offenham, Farmer, give to:

  • My friends William Dingley of Charlton in the parish of Cropthorne, Farmer, and Francis Taylor of Wickhamford, Farmer, all my lands and tenements and real and chattel real estates whatsoever and also all my farming stock, goods, chattels and effects, monies and securities for money and all other my personal estate whatsoever to hold the same according to the several natures and qualities thereof unto and to the use of the said William Dingley and Francis Taylor shall with all convenient ? after my decease, sell, dispose of all my lands and tenements either by public auction or private contract the rest of my estate in trust for my child if only one wholly or all my children if more than one equally to be absolutely vested in a son or sons at the age of 21 years and in a daughter or daughters at that age or marriage.
  • Annual sum of £60 …
  • And as to the said sum hereinbefore so directed to be set apart I direct my trustees to invest the same and to receive and apply the interest dividends and annual income arising therefrom for the maintenance and support of my wife Frances Sheaf for and during the term of her natural life and in payment for her board, lodging and clothing and other necessaries or if my trustees shall think fit at any time so to do it shall be lawful for them or him to pay the said interest and annual income either in half yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly payments as they or he shall think best unto my said wife on her personal receipt as a separate and indeniable provision for her and I declare that if my said wife shall do or suffer any act or thing whereby  her said annuity shall be anticipated or incumbered or in case she shall become incapable of giving her personal receipts for the same, the same annuity shall thereupon cease to be payable to her and shall be applied as hereinbefore directed for her maintenance and support during her life.
  • Authorise my trustees to invest any monies… provided always and notwithstanding the direction hereinbefore for an immediate sale and disposition of my real and personal estate I do hereby empower my trustees or trustee for the time being in their discretion and if they think it advantageous to my family so to do to carry on my farming business until my youngest child for the time being shall attain the age of 21 years or for such shorter period as they think fit and that either in or upon the farm and lands which I shall ? and occupy at my decease or to use and hire my office, farm or farms and for the purpose aforesaid to employ my live and dead agricultural stock and such part of my personal estate as they or shall think fit.  And I declare that to facilitate the carrying on of my said business my trustees shall be at liberty to postpone the sale during the continuance of the said business or for such shorter term or terms as they think fit.  And I declare that during such carrying on of the said farming business and postponement of sale my trustees shall hold the gains and profits arising from the same business and the rents issues and profits of my real estate and all the income of my trust estates upon the trusts hereinbefore declared.  I also declare that my trustees shall be in no wise answerable or accountable for any loss which may accrue to my estate from the carrying on of my farming business.

Notes and sources

Lived in Badsey in the 1840s and 1850s.
Source of Information
Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service (link)
Where to view copy of original document
Order online from Principal Probate Registry (link)