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Wills - Probate Records from 1858, Badsey and Aldington

This list is currently listed alphabetically by Name.  If you wish to sort by Abode, Year Proved or Probate Type, please click on the appropriate heading.

Name Abode Year Proved Probate Type
ADAMS, William Hurd Harvington 1916 Will
ADDIS, Anne Cropthorne 1872 Will
ADDIS, George Badsey 1904 Will
AGG, Harry 2 Belmont Terrace, Badsey 1935 Will
ALCOCK, John Herbert Knowle Hill, Evesham 1933 Will
ALLSEBROOK, Evelyn Kate Badsey Vicarage 1932 Administration
ALLSEBROOK, Evelyn Kate Badsey Vicarage 1957 Administration
ALLSEBROOK, William Basil James Badsey Vicarage 1940 Will
ALLSEBROOK, William Carmont 84 Port Street, Evesham (died at 15 Vicarage Road, Lillington, Leamington Spa) 1947 Administration
AMOS, Jean McDonald Sunlea, Blacksmith Lane, Beckford (died at Powick Hospital, near Worcester) 1966 Will
ANKER, Alice 21 Synehurst, Badsey 1954 Administration
ANKERS, Frances Newcombe House, Badsey (died at Barnsley Hall Hospital near Bromsgrove) 1949 Will
ANKERS, John Badsey 1922 Will
ANSLEY, Sarah Jane Brook Farm, Beckford 1947 Administration
APPELBEE, Annie Helen Thatch Cottage, King's Bromley 1931 Will
APPELBEE, Thomas Evesham 1879 Will
APPELBEE, Thomas Evesham 1885 Will
APPLEBEE, Elizabeth Badsey 1880 Will
APPLEBEE, Hannah Evesham 1875 Administration
ASH, George William Badsey 1928 Will
ASH, Phoebe Osborne Cottage, Bretforton Road, Badsey 1952 Will
ASHWIN, Gwenelin Badsey (formerly of Bretforton Manor) 1924 Will
ASHWIN, Richard Aldington 1866 Will
BAKER, Isabella The Laurels, Badsey 1916 Administration
BALLARD, Charles Aldington 1914 Will
BALLARD, Sarah Jane Badsey 1932 Administration
BALLARD, William Henry Badsey Fields Lane, Badsey 1924 Will
BARNARD, Arthur Edward 34 Brewers Lane, Badsey (died at The General Hospital, Evesham) 1966 Administration
BARNARD, George Brewers Lane, Badsey 1916 Administration
BARNARD, Mary Ann High Street, Badsey 1961 Will
BARNARD, William George Badsey 1932 Will
BAYLISS, Frederick Frank 8 Bowers Hill, Badsey 1961 Administration
BEAL, Alfred Tom Northcliffe, Vine Street, Kidderminster 1936 Will
BEAL, Ethel Florence 10 St John's Avenue, Kidderminster 1957 Will
BELL, Edwin Badsey 1897 Will
BELL, Henry William Aldington 1923 Will
BELL, Martha Irene Aldington 1927 Will
BELL, Minnie Saintbury (died at Avonside Hospital, Evesham) 1965 Will
BELL, William Aldington 1894 Will
BEMBRIDGE, Agnes Vicarage Cottage, Badsey 1936 Administration
BEMBRIDGE, Robert Vicarage Cottage, Badsey (died at 5 Avonside, Evesham) 1937 Will
BENNETT, Eliza (otherwise Elizabeth) 14 Cotswold View, Badsey 1957 Administration
BENNETT, Thomas Henry 14 Cotswold View, Badsey 1930 Will
BENNETT, William Badsey 1885 Will
BENNETT, William Badsey 1917 Administration
BINYON, Charles Arthur Avonside Hospital, Evesham 1963 Will
BIRD, Edith Lucy Bretforton Road, Badsey (died at Ronkswood Hospital, Worcester) 1953 Administration
BIRD, John Waldron 4 Claybrook Villas, Bretforton Road, Badsey (died at Evesham) 1935 Will
BLAKE, Floretta May Badsey Fields, Badsey 1930 Administration
BLAKE, Myra Garth View, Efail Isaf, Pontypridd 1951 Will
BLAKE, Walter William West View, Birmingham Road, Badsey 1973 Will
BOWLEY, George 3 Belmont Terrace, Badsey 1955 Administration
BRADY, Walter Badsey 1931 Will
BREWER, George Brewers Lane, Badsey 1950 Administration
BREWER, Hilda Mary Brewers Lane, Badsey (died at Southbank Nursing Home, Worcester) 1958 Administration
BREWER, Sarah Ann Landgate House, Badsey 1945 Administration
BROOKES, William John Badsey 1913 Will
BROTHERTON, Thomas 15 Sands Lane, Badsey (died at The General Hospital, Evesham) 1962 Administration
BUNCE, Reginald Charles 15 Badsey Fields Lane, Badsey 1962 Will
BUTLER, Alfred Henry Aldington Manor, Aldington 1927 Will
BUTLER, Arthur 23 Badsey Lane, Bengeworth, Evesham 1958 Administration
BUTLER, Percy James 26 Willersey Road, Badsey (died at The Royal Infirmary, Worcester) 1958 Will
BUTLER, Wilson Henry Aldington Manor, Aldington 1952 Will
BYRD, Arthur Leslie Rusholme, Brewers Lane, Badsey (died at The General Hospital, Evesham) 1958 Will
BYRD, Catherine Badsey 1877 Will
BYRD, Catherine Badsey 1877 Administration
BYRD, Emily Greystoke, Paxford, Blockley 1920 Will
BYRD, Henry 83 High Street, Evesham 1904 Will
BYRD, Henry Badsey 1908 Will
BYRD, Mary Badsey 1858 Will
BYRD, Mary Badsey 1879 Administration
BYRD, Sarah Badsey 1879 Will
BYRD, Thomas Badsey 1866 Will
BYRD, Thomas Aldington 1919 Will
BYRD, Thomas 100 Commercial Road, Southampton (died at Aldington) 1934 Will
BYRD, Thomas 100 Commercial Road, Southampton (died at Aldington) 1934 Will
BYRD, William Badsey 1865 Will
CARELESS, George Martin Blackminster (died at The Cottage Hospital, Evesham) 1951 Will
CASWELL, Frank Ernest Forge House, Chapel Street, Badsey (died at The General Hospital, Evesham) 1962 Will
CAVE, Julia Sandford Villa, Badsey 1934 Will
CHERRINGTON, Sarah 9 St Stephens Crescent, Westbourne Park, Middlesex 1876 Administration
CHURCHILL, Bertha 29 Queenswood Avenue (died at The General Hospital, Northampton) 1963 Will
CHURCHILL, Edward Preston Mostyn Villa, Badsey (died at Evesham Hospital) 1956 Administration
CHURCHILL, George Henry 37 Booth Lane, North Boothville, Northampton (died at St Edmund's Hospital, Northampton) 1964 Will
COBB, John Frank Pogmore The Old Farm, Badsey 1964 Will
COCKERTON, Kathleen Mary The Firs, Badsey 1956 Administration
COCKERTON, Victor Charles Edward The Firs, Badsey (died at The Hospital, Evesham) 1953 Will
COLES, Frances Adelaide Victoria 6 Council Houses, Aldington 1944 Will
COLES, Frederick James 6 Council Houses, Aldington 1961 Will
COLLETT, George Belle Vue, Badsey 1948 Administration
COLLETT, Mary Badsey 1865 Will
COLLETT, Thomas William 1 Lynwood Villas, Badsey 1958 Will
COLLETT, Winfred Belle Vue, Badsey (died at The General Hospital, Evesham) 1953 Will
CRANE, John Badsey 1914 Will
CRANE, Raymond Edward 3 Green Leys, Badsey (died at Avonside Hospital, Evesham) 1965 Will
CRISP, Alice Ellen Casillis, 1 Bretforton Road, Badsey (died at Avonside Hospital, Evesham) 1964 Will
CRISP, Henry Badsey 1889 Will
CRISP, Rose Emily Badsey 1946 Will
CULL, John Ernest Badsey 1929 Will
DANKS, Percy James The Vicarage, Badsey 1961 Will