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Wills - Probate Records from 1858, Wickhamford

This list is currently listed alphabetically by Name.  If you wish to sort by Abode, Year Proved or Probate Type, please click on the appropriate heading.

Name Abode Year Proved Probate Type
AGG, George Albert 27 Wickhamford 1952 Will
BAILEY, Robert Neale Menteth 67 Camden Road, Middlesex 1918 Will
BENNETT, Hilote 35 Wickhamford (died at Briarwood, Bretforton Road, Badsey) 1947 Will
BENNETT, William 35 Wickhamford (died at Briarwood, Bretforton Road, Badsey) 1945 Administration
BENT, Buckley Bowers Hill, Badsey 1933 Will
BENT, Margaret Bowers Hill House, Badsey 1964 Will
BROTHERTON, George Harcourt Edward 20 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1931 Will
CARTER, Benjamin Wickhamford 1927 Will
CARTER, Emily Ann Wickhamford 1927 Administration
CARTER, Sydney Benjamin Shire End, Wickhamford 1953 Will
COLLEY, Jesse Richard Wickhamford 1940 Will
COLLEY, Olive Sarah Bower Bungalow, Main Street, Wickhamford 1952 Will
COOK, William Wickhamford 1879 Will
COX, Alice Jane 73 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1950 Will
COX, Cecil Walter 55 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1958 Will
COX, William Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1917 Administration
DAFFURN, Victor Frank Elm Farm, Wickhamford 1952 Administration
DOLPHIN, Eva 48 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1962 Will
DRYSDALE, Bertha Wickhamford 1943 Will
DRYSDALE, Roger Gillispie The Driffold, Broadway 1943 Administration
EMPEY, Emily Elizabeth Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1947 Will
EMPEY, Maria Jane Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1938 Administration (with Will)
FIELD, John George Darby Hugh 8 Council houses, Wickhamford 1939 Will
HALL, Edward Charles Willersey Road, Badsey 1952 Administration
HALL, Laura Bowers Hill, Badsey 1963 Will
HANCOCK, George Thomas 35 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1945 Administration
HASSALL, (Clara) Florence The Weathervane, Wickhamford 1935 Will
HEMUS, Esther Manor Cottage, Wickhamford 1936 Administration
HERITAGE, Arthur Wickhamford 1924 Administration
HERITAGE, Percy Cyril 59 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1963 Administration
HOWELLS, Sarah Wickhamford (died at Honeybourne) 1926 Administration
KING, Alfred Lambourne Wickhamford 1924 Will
LEES-MILNE, George Crompton Hodys Place, Wickhamford 1950 Further grant (settled land)
LEES-MILNE, George Crompton Hodys Place, Wickhamford 1950 Will (except settled land)
LEES-MILNE or HORSFIELD, Helen Christina Hodys Place, Wickhamford 1962 Will
LORD, John Pickup Cherbourg House, Malvern 1877 Will
LORD, John Pickup Cherbourg House, Malvern 1884 Will
MASON, Annie Harriet 16 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1956 Administration
MASON, Charles Robert 16 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1956 Administration
MASON, George The Elms, Wickhamford 1918 Administration
MASON, John White The Old Vicarage, Wickhamford 1952 Will
MAYER, Percy Lancelot Wickhamford (died at Evesham) 1938 Administration
MOISEY, Florence Caroline 67 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1950 Administration
MOORE, Emma Paulina Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1934 Will
NIND, John Beckford (formerly of Wickhamford) 1874 Will
PEARCE, Sarah The Nurseries, Wickhamford 1962 Administration
PEARCE, William The Nurseries, Wickhamford 1954 Will
PETHARD, Amelia Banbury (formerly of Wickhamford) 1891 Administration
PETHARD, Amelia Wickhamford 1917 Will
PETHARD, Annie Georgina 10 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1955 Administration
PETHARD, George Wickhamford 1912 Will
PETHARD, Hannah Coronation Villa, Wickhamford 1925 Will
PETHARD, Henry Jarrett Coronation Villa, Wickhamford 1953 Administration
PETHARD, Maggie Grey Gables, Manor Road, Wickhamford 1962 Will
PETHARD, Mary Ann Wickhamford 1892 Administration
PETHARD, Robert Grey Gables, Manor Road, Wickhamford 1961 Will
PETHARD, Vernon Joseph Byrd Coronation Villa, Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford (entry states '3 Broadway Road') 1960 Administration
PHILLIPPS, John Wickhamford (Manor House) 1878 Will
PITMAN, John Thomas 2 Longdon Hill, Wickhamford 1955 Administration
PITMAN, Wilfred Charles 44 Wickhamford 1945 Will
POPE, Edward William Wickhamford (Manor House) 1882 Administration
ROBSON, Mabyl Manor Cottage, Wickhamford 1944 Will
ROSS, William Skene 1 Manor cottages, Wickhamford 1925 Administration
SMITH, Richard Wickhamford (and of Pebworth) 1889 Will
SMITH, Samuel Wickhamford 1879 Will
SMITH, William Pitchers Hill Farm, Wickhamford 1921 Will
SMITH, William Henry Smallbrook, Broadway 1884 Will
STURT, Ernest William The Weathervane Cottage, Wickhamford 1963 Will
SUTTON, George Joseph 95 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford 1964 Administration
TAYLOR, Amelia Owden Farm, Cleve Prior 1858 Will
TAYLOR, Robert Rosebank, Wickhamford 1928 Will
TIGWELL, Henry Leonard The Sandys Arms, Wickhamford 1951 Administration
WALTERS, Robert William 45 Manor Road, Wickhamford 1958 Will