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Military Tribunals – Frederick TANDY

Frederick TANDY
Slaughterman and butcher's manager

First Hearing

Date of Hearing
30 Apr 1918
Case for exemption
The first case taken was that of Frederick Tandy, described as slaughterman and manager of the Evesham business of Mr Horace Frederick Wheatley, butcher, of Badsey. This was an application for a review of the certificate granted in July 1916, on the ground that in view of the urgent need for men it was not in the national interest that he should be retained in a civilian occupation. – Mr Geoffrey New represented Mr Wheatley. Mr Wheatley said his head business was really at Evesham. He himself lived at Badsey. Tandy had had sole management of the Evesham business for 16 years. He killed all the meat for the whole business. He (Mr Wheatley) had been appointed by the butchers in town to superintend the distribution of the meat for the town, and he could not do the work if Tandy were taken. He had 1,700 registered customers at Evesham and about 1,200 at Badsey. He should have to shut up the Evesham shop if he had not got Tandy, who was passed Grade 2 and was a married man with three children. At this juncture Mr Binyon said he was not sure whether he ought not to resign from the Tribunal, as he was now of military age. The Clerk said he was in the same boat. An instruction was then read, which stated that there was no reason for members of Tribunals to resign, and if they wished to appeal if called up their appeals would be heard by a special Tribunal. In Tandy’s case the application of the military was granted, and Tandy was given temporary exemption for six months. It was pointed out that Tribunals could not grant more than six months’ exemption now.
Outcome of appeal
Exemption - temporary
Exemption Conditions (if any)
6 months
Journal Date
4 May 1918

Other Information

Final Outcome
Presumed to have enlisted after temporary exemption