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Military Tribunals – A E [Arthur Edwin] THORNE

A E [Arthur Edwin] THORNE
Not given

First Hearing

Date of Hearing
14 Mar 1916
Case for exemption
Conscientious objector to all military service, combatant and non-combatant service. Like the previous applicant he objected to all wars and for the same reasons. He based his contentions, he said, on the preaching and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. He thought too, the command of Christ should take the precedent to the requirements of the State. He also objected to the military oath and he objected to non-combatent service. He claimed total exemption. He had resigned from the South Worcestershire Liberal Association as a protest to the canvassing under Lord Derby’s scheme and recruiting campaign. These views which he was taught in childhood and held in youth he now maintained. The Military Representative: “Did you say you were a Quaker?” Applicant: “I did not say I was, but I am.” “I suppose you have been all your life?” “Yes.” “It would be rather unfortunate for your country if we were all Quakers?” “I can’t agree with you. I think it would be better for the country if they were.” The Military Representative asked the applicant what he would do if he saw a man killing a child and if the only way to stop that man killing the child was to kill him, would he do so? Applicant: “I don’t think I would.” “Are you married?” “No.” “Any sisters?” “I have.” “Would you stand by and see the Germans do what they have done to women in Belgium, the same kind of thing if they came to this country?” “I should not sit still. I think their weapon is to trust in God rather than in the weapons that man’s ingenuity has forged.” The Military Representative: “Thank you.”
Outcome of appeal
Exemption - total
Journal Date
18 Mar 1916

Other Information

Final Outcome
Exempted from military service