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Badsey Manor House, 1907-1946

1907 - Memorandum of Agreement between Raymond Bomford, Benjamin Bomford and George Vallender
1908 - Envelope postmarked 7th July containing notes and memos from John Tutin Wingfield to Raymond Webb
1908 - Letter dated 29th July concerning carpentry work at Badsey Manor House
1908 - Letter dated 30th July, from John Tutin Wingfield to Raymond Webb enclosing letter from A E Taylor
1908 - Note on envelope from BW
1909 - 2nd August letter from John Tutin Wingfield to Raymond Webb enclosing estimate for front gates
1909 - 2nd August plan of proposed front gates enclosed with letter
1909 - Agreement between Henry Kelland and Matilda & John Wingfield for letting of the orchard
1909 - Envelope containing schedule of work for Badsey Manor House from John Tutin Wingfield to Raymond Webb
1912 - Accounts, Harry Kelland in account with J T Wingfield Esq
1912 - Accounts, Statement of Receipts and Payments, Manor House, Badsey
1912 - Copy evaluation of Badsey Manor House for £905 by Raymond Webb, Land Agency Offices, Evesham
1912 - Letting notice 1, brief details of Badsey Manor House
1912 - Letting notice 2, handwritten draft
1912 - Letting notice 3, printed letting notice
1912 - Letting notice 4, printed letting notice with photographs
1912 - List of people who made enquiries about renting the Manor House
1915 - Poster of photos used in the sale particulars for the Manor House
1915 - Sale Particulars for the Manor House and other property and land (including The Stone House)
1936 - Remains of wrapping paper used to enclose copies of plans
1946 - Plan of the Manor House
1946 - Plan to show the conversion of the Manor House into two dwellings