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Found at Badsey Hall - Badsey Mill, letter to Mr Thomas Arnold of Badsey Mill from Thomas Thorp


Addressed to Mr Thomas (thought to be Tho' for Thomas) Arnold, Badsey Mill, Evesham, with "Free" written above address and postmark Paid DF, 17 Sep 1847; with a postmark, Evesham, 18 Sep 1847 on what would have been the reverse of the sheet when folded to make an envelope shape. On the reverse is the note which is difficult to read, but begins: "Contemptible rubbish – the London market is now mainly supplied by Thornley? who have mills in country places - mostly villages within 60 miles of London, in Essex, Suffolk, Hertford ….. They turn out better work and make less work for the Macclesfield throwsters …”; signed by Thomas Thorp (the signature is thought to say Tho' as for the addressee).

Year created
Publication Date/Date Made
17th September 1847
Physical Characteristics (Dimensions)
20 cm x 24.5 cm
Physical Characteristics (Description)
1 sheet of paper, torn, bottom left corner missing - fragile
Supporting Information

The Stone House (or Badsey Hall as it is now called) was owned by Arthur Edward Jones from 1915 until his death in 1950. It remained unoccupied for a number of years and became semi-derelict. In 1969, it was bought by Peter Marriott who employed Mick Taylor to renovate the building. Arthur Jones had also owned Silk Mill Cottages (which had been converted from a Silk Mill into residential accommodation in 1864); 9 deeds relating to the Mill were found in 1999 in the attic of Malvern House (also owned by Jones). This scrap of paper was presumably once with them. Thomas Thorp of Overbury (1780-1848) was the half-brother of John Thorp (1773-1834) who had bought the old corn mill in 1818 and converted it into a silk mill.

Donor or Creator of Records
Mick Taylor
Found under the floorboards of The Stone House, now known as Badsey Hall, 42 High Street
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