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23rd September 1850 – Auction of the late John Walter’s estate at Blackminster

On 23rd September 1850, land at Blackminster from the estate of the late John Walter, was auctioned at The White Hart Inn, Evesham.  It was bought by the trustees of the estate of the Reverend Thomas Williams (he had died in 1829), who already owned much land in Badsey, Aldington and Offenham.  The following notice appeared in The Worcestershire Chronicle of Wednesday 11th September 1850:




On Monday, the 23rd day of September 1850 at the White Hart Inn, Evesham, at five o’clock in the afternoon (by order of the surviving Trustee named in the will of Mr John Walter, deceased), in the following or such other lots as shall be declared at the time of sale, and subject to conditions:

The undermentioned farm, messuages and other hereditaments:

Lot 1 – Will comprise the small homestead consisting of a barn, stable, shed and walled-in farm yard, well supplied with water, a brick-built implement house, and the following closes of capital arable and meadow land, namely:

  • The Barn Ground, heretofore two closes, containing with the sites of the buildings and yard 10a 1r 9p
  • The piece of arable land adjoining the Barn Ground and heretofore part of the Shoulder of Mutton Ground 0a 3r 26p
  • The Long Meadow 1a 3r 6p

Total 13a 0r 1p

Lot 2 – The close of arable land:

  • Other part of the Shoulder of Mutton Ground 5a 0r 12p
  • The piece of arable land, other part of the Shoulder of Mutton Ground 0a 1r 17p
  • And the piece of arable land heretofore part of the Barn Ground 0a 0r 39p

Total 5a 2r 28p

The premises forming Lots 1 and 2 are situate at Blackminster in the parish of Offenham near Evesham and are in the possession of Mr Charles Drury.  The quality and capability of the Offenham land are well known, and it would therefore be useless to particularise them; but in addition to the richness and fertility of the land, it has been lately discovered that it contains a capital bed of lime and building stone.  The above lots are intersected by the Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton Railway, and one of the bridges across the line has been erected on part of the estate sold to the company with the stone excavated from near the site thereof.

Lot 3 – Will comprise that close of capital meadow land, also situate at Blackminster and not far from Lots 1 and 2, containing 5a 2r 20p or thereabouts, and now in the possession of the said Mr Charles Drury.  This lot is bounded on one side by the Bretforton Brook and on two other sides thereof by the public roads, and any person will find it desirable either for occupation or investment; and to show the opportunity which is now offered to stonemasons, builders and railway contractors, it is only necessary to state that this valuable meadow is but a few yards distant from “Hunt’s far-famed paving, building and limestone quarries at Blackminster".

The tithes of the parish of Offenham have been commuted, and the particulars of the rent charges payable out of Lots 1, 2 and 3 will be stated and apportioned at the time of sale, as also a Land Tax of £2 0s 10d and a small chief rent.

Lots 4-11 – Land and property in Bengeworth.

Lot 12 – The two cottages and productive gardens adjoining, situate in Badsey, near Evesham, in the possession of Richard Jelfs and David Walker.

Possession of all the lots may be had at Michaelmas next.

The parties in possession of the several lots will show the same; and further particulars may be had of Messrs Workman, New & Prance, solicitors, at Evesham, or at their offices in Pershore on any Tuesday.