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Charles Binyon’s Autobiographical Notes 1899-1914 (arrival in Badsey)

Diary Entry

My time at the Botanical Gardens came to an end owing to the Curator wanting too much Sunday work.  So I had to look round again.  I happened to meet my oldest brother and he recommended me to write to our cousin, Tom Remington, who was market gardening at Badsey near Evesham.  So on June 19th 1899 I was met at Evesham Station by Tom with a dog-cart – his arm in a sling having been pitched out of the vehicle some days before.  It was a beautiful evening and I liked the first view of the village from Horsebridge Hill with the church tower rising over the orchards.  The next day he showed me his ground (now occupied by council houses) on the left-hand side of the “pike”.  I had some conversation with one of his men, George Moisey.  They were busy with the strawberries.  Then we visited other growers who all seemed quite pleased to answer questions, and let us walk over their holdings.  I thought this was just the place for me and I returned to Manchester fully determined to settle there.  So I started to make arrangements.


Type of Document
Last 35 pages in a hard-back notebook with the title “Charles Binyon Autobiography 1884-1914”
Location of Document
In private ownership