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Charles Binyon’s Diaries 1884-1958

Charles Binyon arrived in Badsey in 1899.  It would appear that he must have kept some basic diary which he referred back to, but it was not until 1914 that he began writing up his early life story.  This is contained in a hard-covered notebook (on which someone has stuck a label saying “Charles Binyon Autobiography 1884-1914”) and the entries towards the end are more like diary entries.

A separate small notebook contains information about the Boys’ Hostel at Badsey Manor House and covers the period 1913-1915.

From 1916, Charles Binyon began keeping a diary.  The entries for 1916 and early 1917 are sparse but, from October 1917 through to the mid 1920s, they contain much more detail and were probably written at the end of each day.  The period 1926-1958 is very sketchily covered, with some years having no entry at all.  It is probable that Binyon made jottings at a later date.

The diaries are contained in three hard-covered notebooks in private ownership.  We are grateful to Edmund Gray, the great-nephew of Charles Binyon, for granting access to the diaries and to John Sharp, Lyn Sharp and Maureen Spinks for transcribing the diaries. Transcription work is still in progress. If you feel you can assist, please email