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Aldington 1921

Description of Enumeration District: “The whole of the Civil Hamlet of Aldington, including the Parks Farm and cottages thereon, Aldington Lodge, Hales Cottage, Toll Gate House near Aldington Siding, Beeholme, Briar Lea, Ruby House, Stanley House and new Council Houses."

Enumerator: Not indicated, but known to be Frank Edmund Amos.

Estimated Number of Families, ie separate occupiers:  70

Mileage (the distance which would be necessarily traversed within the district between the first house and the last in the collection of the schedules):  9 miles

Click on the schedule number to see details about each member of the household.  Please note that, within a month or two of the census being taken, schedules 1-26 were formally transferred from Aldington to the parish of Badsey.

No. Address on Census Present-day Address Surnames of People in Household
1 1 Council Houses, Badsey 1 Synehurst, Badsey COCKERTON
2 2 Council Houses , Badsey 2 Synehurst, Badsey CRANE
3 3 Council Houses, Badsey 3 Synehurst, Badsey MALIN
4 4 Council Houses, Badsey 4 Synehurst, Badsey SPARROW
5 5 Council Houses,Badsey 5 Synehurst, Badsey PERKINS
6 6 Council Houses, Badsey 6 Synehurst, Badsey WELCH
7 7 Council Houses, Badsey 7 Synehurst, Badsey PADFIELD; TREDGOLD
8 8 Council Houses, Badsey 8 Synehurst, Badsey KNIGHT
9 9 Council Houses, Badsey 9 Synehurst, Badsey CRANE
10 10 Council Houses, Badsey 10 Synehurst, Badsey MORRIS
11 11 Council Houses, Badsey 25 Synehurst, Badsey SANDFORD
12 12 Council Houses, Badsey 26 Synehurst, Badsey HOWELLS
13 13 Council Houses, Badsey 27 Synehurst, Badsey KEEN
14 14 Council Houses, Badsey 28 Synehurst, Badsey JELFS
15 15 Council Houses, Badsey 29 Synehurst, Badsey PERKINS
16 16 Council Houses, Badsey 30 Synehurst, Badsey JONES; HUGHES
17 17 Council Houses, Badsey 31 Synehurst, Badsey MCDONALD
18 18 Council Houses, Badsey 32 Synehurst, Badsey HATCH
19 19 Council Houses, Badsey 33 Synehurst, Badsey REEVES; PRATLEY
20 20 Council Houses, Badsey 34 Synehurst, Badsey MARSHALL
21 21 Council Houses, Badsey 35 Synehurst, Badsey NIGHTINGALE
22 22 Council Houses, Badsey 36 Synehurst, Badsey MALINS
23 23 Council Houses, Badsey 37 Synehurst, Badsey KEEN
24 24 Council Houses, Badsey 38 Synehurst, Badsey TAYLOR
25 Ruby House, Bretforton Road, Badsey Ruby House, 15 Bretforton Road, Badsey WILKINS
26 Stanley House, Bretforton Road, Badsey Stanley House, 13 Bretforton Road, Badsey BOALER
27 Briar Lea, Bretforton Road, Badsey Briarlea Care Home, Badsey Road, Aldington HOLDING; YATES; CRISP
28 Aldington Sherwood Cottage, Village Street, Aldington JELFS
29 Aldington Stone Cottage, Village Street, Aldington HEATH; GOODENOUGH
30 Aldington Stone Cottage (previously this part was a separate house, The Dove Cote), Village Street, Aldington REEVES
31 Aldington The Old House, Village Street, Aldington WASLEY
32 Aldington Thatch Cottage, Village Street, Aldington TAYLOR
33 Aldington Manor Cottage, Village Street, Aldington ENSTONE
34 Aldington Manor Cottage, Village Street, Aldington GRIFFIN
35 Aldington Rose Cottage, Village Street, Aldington BELL
36 Aldington Aldington Manor, Village Street & Manor Court, Main Street, Aldington BRODIE; BUTLER; HART; HODGKINS
37 Aldington Mill, Aldington Mill House, Mill Lane, Aldington SHARP; TRACEY
38 Aldington Corner of Chapel Lane and The Hop Gardens, Aldington (Ivy House, demolished 1970) BYRD
39 Aldington Ivy Cottage, Chapel Lane, Aldington WASLEY; JONES; PLANT
40 Aldington Chapel Cottage, The Hop Gardens, Aldington MOORE
41 Aldington 1 Chapel Cottages, Chapel Lane, Aldington FIELD
42 Aldington 2 Chapel Cottages, Chapel Lane, Aldington HANCOCK
43 Aldington Corner Cottage, Main Street, Aldington STEWART
44 Aldington Corner House, Main Street, Aldington BELL
45 Aldington The White House, Main Street, Aldington BUTLER
46 Aldington Elm Cottage, Main Street, Aldington WESTBURY
47 Aldington Elm Cottage, Main Street, Aldington JELFS
48 Aldington Hillside, Aldington (site of thatched cottages demolished 1920s) MITCHELL; COLE
49 Aldington Half Acre, Main Street, Aldington LIDSEY
50 Aldington Half Acre, Main Street, Aldington TOLLEY; HALL
51 Aldington Lokos, Main Street, Aldington HARWOOD
52 Beeholme, Aldington Beeholme, Main Street, Aldington BALLARD
53 Toll Gate House, Aldington Toll Gate, Sidings Lane, Aldington SHAW; NIGHTINGALE
54 The Parks, Aldington Totterdown, The Parks, Aldington BENT; AUTIE
55 The Parks Cottage, Aldington Southbank, 36 Sunset Way, Aldington KENDALL; BATE
56 The Park Cottage, Aldington Southbank, 36 Sunset Way, Aldington HILL
57 The Parks Farm, Aldington Riverside, The Parks, Aldington RADBOURN
58 Aldington Lodge, Aldington 12, 12A & 12B Lodge Park Drive, Aldington HORSMAN; SIRLSSON
59 Upper Dean, Aldington Upper Dene, Evesham Bypass, Aldington NEED