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Offenham 1921

Description of Enumeration District: “The whole of the Civil Parish of Offenham, including Blackminster, Emm’s House, Cadbury’s Cottages and Knights’ Cottage in road leading to South Littleton, Bennetts Hill Farm, Houses in Sheepditch Lane, Cottages at Crossroads at Newtown, Field Farm, Council Houses, Three Cocks Cottages, Bolton’s Farm, Jubilee Villa, The Cross, Faulk Mill, Dibden and Bridge Inn."

Enumerator: Not indicated, but initials were WJC.

Estimated Number of Families, ie separate occupiers:  185

Note:  Only schedules 9-15 are included as these are houses which, in 1949, transferred to the parish of Badsey.

Mileage (the distance which would be necessarily traversed within the district between the first house and the last in the collection of the schedules):  8 miles

Click on the schedule number to see details about each member of the household.

No. Address on Census Present-day Address Surnames of People in Household
9 Blackminster Lime Trees, Station Road, Blackminster TAPLIN; SMITH
10 Blackminster Orchard House, Station Road, Blackminster ELLIS; BROOKES
11 Blackminster Victoria Cottage, Station Road, Blackminster CHARLWOOD
12 Blackminster Corner House, Station Road, Blackminster KNIGHT
13 Blackminster The Old Farm House, Birmingham Road, Blackminster BILLINGTON
14 Blackminster Ivanhoe, Birmingham Road, Blackminster KNIGHT
15 Blackminster Rose Cottage, Birmingham Road, Blackminster COX