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Household census return - Offenham 1921 (schedule 9)

Schedule Number
Address on Census
Present-day Location
Lime Trees, Station Road, Blackminster
Total Rooms
PRO Reference
PRO Ref RG 15/13705
Form Completion
No - signed by A W Smith, son-in-law
Name Age and sex Relation to head of family Marital status Occupation Where born Marriage & children details
Thomas TAPLIN 60 yrs 1 mth
Head Married Farm Labourer; Employer - A Butler, Farmer and Market Gardener; Place of work - Offenham Offenham, Worcestershire No children under 16
Catherine TAPLIN 61 yrs 11 mths
Wife Married Home duties Littleton, Worcestershire
Kate TAPLIN 27 yrs 10 mths
Daughter Single Garden Labourer; Employer - W C Hall, Market Gardener; Place of work - Offenham Offenham, Worcestershire
Doris A TAPLIN 22 yrs 0 mths
Daughter Single Home duties Offenham, Worcestershire
Albert Wm SMITH 44 yrs 0 mths
Son-in-law Widowed Railway Signalman; Employer - Great Western Railway; Place of work - Cow Honeybourne Awre, Gloucestershire 1 child under 16
Albert W T SMITH 16 yrs 10 mths
Grandson Single Motor Mechanic; Employer - L Farringdon, Motor Engineer; Place of work - Avon Street, Evesham Evesham, Worcestershire
Fred Geo SMITH 15 yrs 6 mths
Grandson Single Ironmonger's Shop Assistant; Employer - S E Stringnell, General Ironmonger; Place of work - Bridge Street, Evesham Evesham, Worcestershire
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