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1939 Register - Wickhamford 1939 (schedule QKGG/3)

Schedule Number
Address in Register
Oxley, Longdon Hill
Present-day Address
Oxley House, Longdon Hill, Wickhamford
Sub No Name Sex Date of Birth Status Personal Occupation Surname Change
1 Henry S STAVELEY HILL M 22 May 1865 Married Private Means
2 Eileen de G STAVELEY HILL F 25 Mar 1880 Married Unpaid domestic duties
3 Alexander STAVELEY HILL M 22 Mar 1902 Married Lieut H. M. Army
4 Alicia G STAVELEY HILL F 22 Nov 1885 Married Unpaid domestic duties
5 Flavia M STAVELEY HILL F 04 Sep 1934 Single Under school age
6 Iris M DRINKWATER F 05 Sep 1918 Single Paid Domestic Servant ELLISON
Photos of the house
2015 photo
2015 photo