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Valuation Survey - Wickhamford (assessment number 959)

Assessment Number
National Archives Field Book Reference
Date Inspected
19 Jan 1915
Present-day Address or Approximate Location
Oxley House, Longdon Hill

Property description

House, Buildings & Agricultural Land
Estimated Extent
10a 3r 25p
Interest of Owner
Longdon Hill
Ordnance No 132, fairly heavy clay bank above frost area faces east but reasonably suitable for fruit growing, mostly planted with damsons and Pershores, some of the trees have been grubbed up leaving approximately 8 acres planted (trees are about 30 years old); screen of larch, spruce and ash poles against main road. House brick and slate (additions have been made since 1909 and grounds altered) as per Mr Wall's inspection; 3 sitting-rooms, back kitchen and scullery, 4 bedrooms and bathroom. Outbuildings: stabling 2 and coach-house, tool-house and coach-house (house added to in 1908).

Occupier, owner and rent details

Occupier's name
Owner's Name
Address of Owner (as in Valuation Book or Provisional Valuation)
c/o Executors of Edmund Bullock of 20 Brook Street, Gloucester: Arthur Lewis Teague, 12 Queen Street, Gloucester for A Lewis; C P Teague, Tibberton, near Gloucester
Rent Amount
Occupier's Tenancy - Term
8 years
Occupier's Tenancy From
29 Sep 1909

Valuation details

Gross Value (amount which the land might be expected to make on the open market, free of any encumbrances)£1725
Full Site Value (amount which remained after deducting the value of the buildings, etc, from the gross value of the land)£1080
Total Value (gross value, with deductions made for any fixed charges, rights of way and rights of common)£1675
Assessable Site Value£1030
Deductions for buildings and structures (when working out the full site value)£500
Deductions for timber (when working out the full site value)£5
Deductions for fruit trees (when working out the full site value)£120
Deductions for other things growing or on the land (when working out the full site value)£20
Deductions made for fixed charges, etc (when working out the Total Value)£645
Deductions made for things such as easements, tithes, public rights of way when arriving at market value£50 (tithes)

Provisional valuation and sale details

Provisional Valuation Date Confirmed
Not served 21/1/1915

Additional information

Land Valuation Survey Maps
Views maps (E)
Photos of the property
2015 photo
2015 photo