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Visitors’ Book


David Geapin - 15th January 2001 - 0:00

I lived in Badsey in the 70's and reading your page has bought back many happy memories. I would like to hear from anyone who may remember my self and family

Thanks David Geapin, now living near Stratford on Avon

Philip Greener - 1st December 2000 - 0:00

Your website is well put together. I used to live at 3 School Lane in the 1970s. I would really like to know if the enormous tree in the churchyard is still there?

I remember the village before its expansion. I left as they were ripping the orchard by the brook out. I really would like to know if that tree is still there. Some drunks planted a flag at the top on the Queens Jubilee.

Thank you Philip Greener aka Wellard A Obbit

Will Dallimore writes: I think the tree was the giant wellingtonia that stood in the grounds of the house next to the church. It was taller than the church and was removed only a few years ago when it became dangerous. There are many local stories of men who have climbed the tree over the years... If you look at Michael Barnard's drawing you will see the tree next to the church. The orchard which was being removed was possibly for the new houses at the lower end of Seward Road.

Here is a History of Badsey's Wellingtonia Tree.

Sue & Roy Edlin - 25th November 2000 - 0:00

Our December Edition of Family History Monthly gave your site an excellent write-up.  We fully endorse their findings. What a lot of work you must all have put in to achieve such spectacular results.

The best of luck, Sue & Roy Edlin, Tewkwsbury

Bill Badsey - 1st November 2000 - 0:00

Love the pictures, good luck with your site.

I would be interested to discover how many Badseys there are left. I am William John Badsey, born Whitley Bay 7 January 1940, only son of late Sydney Badsey who was sales manager for MURRAY AND CHARLETON (Austin cars in North of England) before and after WW 2, family emigrated to South Africa in 1947. I have two sons, and a daughter one son in Christopher in USA, Richard the other one in AUSTRALIA and daughter Kim in SOUTH AFRICA.

I have resided in California since 1982.

Best wishes, I love asparagus. Bill Badsey, ( my business)

James Goodman - 1st November 2000 - 0:00

I'm a student at Sheffield University and live in Badsey when not living in Sheffield. All I wanted to say was that the web site is really good, being away from home and living in a city you sometimes forget how nice it is living in such a lovely village. Keep up the good work.

Yours thankfully James Goodman

Gregory - 1st November 2000 - 0:00

Hi, Our good friend Alan Eames put us onto your site.

We mainly use this new communication device for keeping in touch with friends. But should we ever need to hear of what is happening in your part of the world in detail it looks a great place to visit. Just love the pictures. Keep the good work up from Down Under in Melbourne.

From: Gregory

... I failed to mention my mother Eva Margaret Badsey (now Brooks) still alive at 91 living in Durban, South Africa, my Sister Pauline Badsey (now Norman) Durban, South Africa, My late Father Sydney had a brother, Chater Badsey who lived in Pretoria South Africa. Hope other Badsey's can put the pieces together, and that other Badsey's post who, and where they are.

Arthur Fraser - 20th August 2000 - 0:00

I am particularly interested in Badsey, as my GG Grandfather, The Rev. Charles Bloxham, was the minister at St James Church, for a number of years from 1820. Most of his family having been born there, also his wife died during this time and is probably buried in the church graveyard. It was great to see pictures of the church and village, as I very much doubt I will ever be able to make the trip over.

Regards Arthur Fraser

Sylvia Wolstencroft - 16th August 2000 - 0:00

We lived in Rose Cottage, Chapel Street in the 80s. We, as mentioned in the book on the history of Badsey, discovered the inglenook fireplace when restoring the cottage. We now live in rural France and have a B&B guest house and a gite. We are in the Charente; north of Angouleme, east of Cognac and west of Limoges, with scenery and stone very like the Cotswolds.

How Badsey has grown, since the days when I came back from the college in Cheltenham, where I worked, to find 5lbs of 'gras' on my doorstep - where have all the market gardens gone? Nice to see the manor again, the shop has changed somewhat.

Regards Sylvia Wolstencroft

Virginia Pawlyn (Mrs.) - 15th August 2000 - 0:00

Dear fellow 'Badsians'

Congratulations on such a first class web site. I think that your idea of asking other people who have websites to let you know a very good idea. I would like to make one suggestion, that you only include Websites that are of a high standard. Your website will be excellent for telling people abroad about where we live. Keep up the good work.

Virginia Pawlyn (Mrs.) Allsebrook Gardens, Badsey.