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Electoral rolls - Badsey, 1939

Notes on the 1939 Electoral Roll

Badsey%201939%20p%207.JPGThis Register was issued on 16th October 1939. This was shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War and the next list was not drawn up until the end of hostilities. By comparing with the 1939 Register, which was taken on 29th September 1939, it is possible to gain a fairly complete picture of the village on the outbreak of war.

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (which is largely alphabetical); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. Those who owned land in the village but did not live there were entitled to vote in the local government elections but not the parliamentary elections (though they would, of course, be registered in their home area). With regard to local government elections, both husband and wife were qualified in respect of the same property.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

All males aged 21 years and over; all females aged 21 years and over.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Men under 21; women under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics.

Number Name Address of Voter
179 ADDIS, Daisy May Cider Mill Court
180 ADDIS, George Edward Old Post Office Lane
181 ADDIS, Lucy Old Post Office Lane
182 ADDIS, Hilda May 12 Synehurst Crescent
183 ADDIS, Mary Elizabeth Bretforton Road
184 ADDIS, Phyllis Cider Mill Court
185 ADDIS, William Henry 12 Synehurst Crescent
186 AGG, Decimus Sand Lane
187 AGG, George Albert Wickhamford
188 AGG, Helen Sands Lane
189 AGG, James Edward Sands Lane
190 AGG, Sarah The Leys
191 ALDRIDGE, Francis William 13 Briars Close, Evesham
192 ALLAN, Rosabel Seward House
193 ALLARD, George 10 Synehurst
194 ALLARD, Sarah 10 Synehurst
195 ALLEN, Edwin Frederick High Street
196 ALLSEBROOK, Evelyn Joyce The Vicarage
197 ALLSEBROOK, William Carmont The Vicarage
198 AMOS, Frank Edmund School House
199 AMOS, Jean McDonald School House
200 ANDREW, Frederick William Church Street, Evesham
201 ANDREWS, Edmund Harvey 68 Kings Road, Evesham
202 ANDREW, Violet Anne Sylvan Villa
203 ANDREW, William Henry Sylvan Villa
204 ANKER, Alfred Charles 35 Synehurst
205 ANKER, Alice 35 Synehurst
206 ANKERS, Annie Penwyn
207 ANKERS, Frances Penwyn
208 ARCHER, Walter Bretforton
209 ARTHUR, Ellen Elizabeth Mill Lane
210 ARTHUR, Reginald Thomas Mill Lane
211 ASH, Gladys May Osborne Cottage
212 ASH, Phoebe Osborne Cottage
213 ASHLEY, Lizzie Mill Lane
214 ASHWIN, Henry Bretforton Manor
215 BADHAM, Albert George Blenheim Cottage
216 BADHAM, Lilian Blenheim Cottage
217 BALLARD, Alfred Cornelius Cotswold View
218 BALLARD, Alfred William Badsey Fields Road
219 BALLARD, Charles Brewers Road
220 BALLARD, Clara Brewers Road
221 BALLARD, Emily Ada Badsey Fields Road
222 BALLARD, Mary Badsey Fields Road
223 BALLARD, May The Alley, High Street
224 BALLARD, Raymond Charles The Alley, High Street
225 BARNARD, Cecilia Adeline High Street
226 BARNARD, Edward Arthur Brewers Road
227 BARNARD, Edwin 31 Synehurst
228 BARNARD, Ethel High Street
229 BARNARD, Florence Daisy Brewers Road
230 BARNARD, Florence Mary 31 Synehurst
231 BARNARD, Frederick Joseph Brewers Road
232 BARNARD, Gladys Maud Bretforton Road
233 BARNARD, Gladys Annie High Street
234 BARNARD, James High Street
235 BARNARD, John Bretforton Road
236 BARNARD, Mary Ann High Street
237 BARNARD, Rose Marion Brewers Road
238 BARNARD, Violet Dorothy Maud 31 Synehurst
239 BARRAND, Louisa Jane Cider Mill Court
240 BATCHELOR, Gladys Mary [sic]* Vine Cottage
241 BATCHELOR, William Gilbert Vine Cottage
242 BAYLEY, Lydia Ivy House
243 BAYLEY, Reginald John Ivy House
244 BAYLISS, Amy Lanesfield
245 BAYLISS, Ellen 8 Bowers Hill
246 BAYLISS, Frederick 8 Bowers Hill
247 BAYLISS, John Lanesfield
248 BEAL, Ethel Florence Wickliffe House
249 BEARCROFT, George Highmead
250 BEARCROFT, Lilian Florence Highmead
251 BELL, Alice Kate Sands Lane
252 BELL, Evelyn Grace Bretforton Road
253 BELL, Ralph Aldington
254 BELL, Walter Bretforton Road
255 BENNETT, Elsie 10 Belmont Terrace
256 BENNETT, Elsie 8 Cotswold View
257 BENNETT, Elizabeth 14 Cotswold View
258 BENNETT, Lee 15 Synehurst
259 BENNETT, Reuben John 8 Cotswold View
260 BENNETT, William 10 Belmont Terrace
261 BENNETT, William Ernest 17 Synehurst
262 BENNETT, Winifred 17 Synehurst
263 BENT, John Martin Bowers Hill
264 BENT, Margaret Bowers Hill Farm
265 BINYON, Charles Arthur Sandford Villa
266 BIRD, Alice Ada 4 Claybrook Villas
267 BIRD, Cyril James Bretforton Road
268 BIRD, Edith Lucy Bretforton Road
269 BIRD, Lilian Maud 1 South View Terrace
270 BIRD, Walter Charles 4 Claybrook Villas
271 BISHOP, Hilda 5 Cotswold View
272 BISHOP, James Thomas 5 Cotswold View
273 BLAKE, Myra Badsey Fields
274 BLAKE, Walter William Badsey Fields
275 BOTT, Florence Alice 14 Synehurst Crescent
276 BOTT, Lilian May 18 Synehurst Crescent
277 BOTT, Walter Leonard 18 Synehurst Crescent
278 BOWLEY, Annie 3 Belmont Terrace