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Electoral rolls - Badsey, 1924

Notes on the 1924 Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll is currently sorted by electoral number (which is largely alphabetical); to sort on Name or Address, simply click on the column heading. To find out further details about the nature of the electoral qualification, click on the number. Those who owned land in the village but did not live there were entitled to vote in the local government elections but not the parliamentary elections (though they would, of course, be registered in their home area). With regard to local government elections, both husband and wife were qualified in respect of the same property.

Who could vote in parliamentary elections

All males aged 21 years and over; female householders, or wives of householders or graduates, over the age of 30.

Who couldn’t vote in parliamentary elections

Women over 30 who did not meet the property qualification; women under 30; men under 21; aliens; peers; lunatics.

Number Name Address of Voter
230 ADDIS, George Edward Cider Mill Court
231 ADDIS, Phyllis Cider Mill Court
232 AGG, Decimus Sand Lane
233 AGG, Decimus (senior) Sand Lane
234 AGG, Florrie 2 Belmont Terrace
235 AGG, Harry 2 Belmont Terrace
236 ALLARD, George High Street
237 ALLARD, Sarah High Street
238 ALLSEBROOK, Evelyn Kate The Vicarage
239 ALLSEBROOK, Harold The Vicarage
240 ALLSEBROOK, William Carmont The Vicarage
241 AMOS, Frank Edmund School House
242 AMOS, Jean McDonald School House
243 ANDERSON, Dorothy Stella Malvern House
244 ANDERSON, William John Malvern House
245 ANDREW, William Henry Sylvan Villa
246 ANDREWS, Harvey 49 King's Road, Evesham
247 ANKER, Alfred Charles Brewer's Road
248 ANKER, Alice Brewer's Road
249 ANKERS, Frances Newcombe
250 ARCHER, Amos Bretforton
251 ARCHER, Edgar Bretforton
252 ARCHER, Stanley Summerfield
253 ASH, George Chapel Street
254 ASH, George William Osborne Cottage.
255 ASH, Maria Chapel Street
256 ASHWIN, Gwenelin Pool House
257 ASHWIN, James Bretforton Manor, Bretforton
258 BALLARD, Alfred Badsey Fields Road
259 BALLARD, Alfred William Badsey Fields Road
260 BALLARD, Charles Old Road
261 BALLARD, Clara Old Road
262 BALLARD, George. Badsey Fields
263 BALLARD, Mary Badsey Fields Road
264 BALLARD, Raymond Badsey Fields
265 BALLARD, Sarah Jane Badsey Fields Road
266 BARNARD, Edward Arthur Brewer's Road
267 BARNARD, Edwin Mill Cottages
268 BARNARD, Frederick Joseph High Street
269 BARNARD, James High Street
270 BARNARD, John Cider Mill Court
271 BARNARD, John High Street
272 BARNARD, Mary Ann High Street
273 BARNARD, Phyllis Elizabeth Cider Mill Court
274 BARNARD, William George 5 Claybrook Villas
275 BAYLISS, Ellen Julia The Orchards
276 BAYLISS, Philip John The Orchards
277 BEDENHAM, William Cider Mill Court
278 BELL, Alice Kate Sand Lane
279 BELL, George Sand Lane
280 BENNETT, Elizabeth 14 Cotswold View
281 BENNETT, Elsie 10 Belmont Terrace
282 BENNETT, Lee 3 Claybrook Villas
283 BENNETT, Thomas Henry 14 Cotswold View
284 BENNETT, William 10 Belmont Terrace
285 BINYON, Charles Arthur Sandford Villa
286 BIRD, Albena 4 Claybrook Villas
287 BIRD, Cyril James Vale Cottages
288 BIRD, John Waldron 4 Claybrook Villas
289 BLAKE, Myra Badsey Fields
290 BLAKE, Walter William Badsey Fields
291 BLAKE, Walter William (junior) Gartref
292 BOTT, Florence Alice Mill Cottages
293 BOTT, Harry Mill Cottages
294 BOWLEY, Annie 3 Belmont Terrace
295 BOWLEY, George 3 Belmont Terrace
296 BRADY, Maria The Croft
297 BRADY, Maurice The Croft
298 BRADY, Walter The Croft
299 BRAILSFORD, Alice Tower View
300 BRAILSFORD, Malcolm Harry Tower View
301 BRAILSFORD, Philip Edward Tower View
302 BREWER, Albert Joseph Chapel Street
303 BREWER, Arthur Ernest Chapel Street
304 BREWER, George Chapel Street
305 BREWER, Martha Chalcroft
306 BREWER, Reginald Ashley Chalcroft
307 BREWER, Sarah Ann Chapel Street
308 BREWER, Stephen Chalcroft
309 BREWER, Stephen James Chapel Street
310 BREWER, William Chalcroft
311 BROTHERTON, George Harcourt Edward Wickhamford, Evesham
312 BYRD, Bessie 3 Cotswold View
313 BYRD, Frank Bretforton
314 BYRD, John Bretforton
315 BYRD, Sydney William 3 Cotswold View
316 BYRD, William Henry 3 Cotswold View
317 CARELESS, Charles Theodore Cull's Cottages
318 CARELESS, Ellen T Cull's Cottages
319 CARELESS, John The Leys
320 CARELESS, Theodore Charles T Cull's Cottages
321 CASWELL, Charlotte Matilda Chapel Street
322 CASWELL, Frank Ernest Chapel Street
323 CAVE, Ethel Frances Louise 5 Cotswold View
324 CAVE, Harold John 5 Cotswold View
325 CAVE, Julia Sandford Villa
326 CHAMBERLAIN, Arthur Henry 3 Bower's Hill
327 CHAMBERLAIN, Charles Edward 2 Bower's Hill
328 CHAMBERLAIN, Elizabeth 2 Bower's Hill
329 CHAMBERLAIN, Francis Henry 2 Bower's Hill