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AGG, Harold – emigrated 1920

Harold Agg (1906-c1972) was born at Badsey on 26th October 1906, the seventh of ten children of Decimus and Alice Agg.  He was baptized at St James’ Church on 16th December 1906.  He lived with his family on Sands Lane, Badsey.

Harold entered Badsey Council School in August 1910 aged nearly four and left on 31st March 1920 aged 13.  Here is an example of a piece of his artwork sketched two months before he left the school.

Eight months later, 14-year-old Harold left England in November 1920, in order to join his older brother, William, in Canada (who lived at 101 Block Street, Whitby, Ontario).  Harold’s mother had died in 1915 and William had paid for his younger brother’s passage.  Harold was accompanied on the journey to Canada by Emma Agg and her son, Ronald, who was his cousin.  Emma was married to Harold’s uncle, Joseph Foster Agg.  They had emigrated to Canada in 1913 but Emma and her youngest son had paid a return visit to England in order that she could visit her mother who lived at Stretton on Fosse.  The address for all three was given as Sands Lane, Badsey, which was where Harold lived with his widowed father.  They arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on 25th November 1920.

At the time of the 1921 Canadian census, Harold was living with William and his wife, Rosa, and young son, Gordon, at 81 Dufferin Street, Whitby, Ontario.

Harold is again recorded leaving Liverpool on 3rd September 1926 on the White Star Steamship Line, Doric, bound for Quebec; he was recorded as a farmer.  He had been to visit his father in Badsey and said that he address he said that he was going to in Canada was that of his uncle, Joseph Agg of Whitby.

On a 1940 Voters’ list, Harold’s address was given as 14 Browns Lane, West York, Ontario; he was a farmer.  By 1949 he was married to Josephine and living at Youngs Cove Road, New Brunswick.  They had four children, one of whom was called Joseph.  In 1958 they lived at Yongehurst; Harold was now an engineer.  By 1963, they lived at 182 Hillsview, Richmond Hill, and were still there in about 1972.

Harold died in York, Ontario, in about 1972.  His widow, Josephine, died in 2003.