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PRICE, William Henry (1859-1903) – Vicar of Badsey with Aldington

Reverend William Henry Price, referred to as “my third Vicar”, features in Chapter VIII of A H Savory’s Grain and Chaff from an English Manor:

At the time of the Boer War, followed by the Boxers’ revolt in China and the Siege of Peking, when telegrams were exhibited in the post office every Sunday morning, I saw one day, on my way to church, that Peking had been relieved.  The Vicar – my third – preached on the subject of the terrors of the siege, his sermon having been written on the previous day, and drew a harrowing picture of the fate of the defenders.  After service I asked if he had not seen the telegram and told him the good news.  “Good gracious!” said he.  “I am glad I didn’t know that before the service.  What should I have done about my sermon?”  I was a little surprised that the delivery of a sermon which was no longer to the point should appear more important than the announcement of the happy event; but perhaps the position would have been somewhat undignified had be been obliged to explain and dismiss the congregation with apologies.

Details of Reverend Price's life may be found in an article about Vicars of Badsey.