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Saturday 25 November 1905 – Allen Halford trespasses at Field Farm

Category Wickhamford
The Evesham Standard
Transcription of article


Allen Halford, labourer, Wickhamford, was charged with game trespass on land in the occupation of Mr Benjamin Carter, farmer, Wickhamford, on October 29.  Mr G New appeared for Mr Carter.  Allen Mason, labourer, Mill Bank, Evesham, in the employ of Mr Carter, said on Sunday October 29 about 11 am he was near Bunker’s Hill concealed and watching.  Witness saw defendant and his two brothers come from the direction of Mr Williams’ ground.  They had four dogs with them.  Defendant had a gun under his arm.  Defendant went into an orchard in the occupation of Mr Carter.  He remained in the orchard five or ten minutes.  Two dogs went with defendant, and the other two beat Mr William’s hedge.  The trespass began when defendant went into the orchard.  Defendant left when he heard someone coming on a horse.  He then went down to Mr Hedley Masters’ hovel and left his gun.  Witness then went to defendant, wished him “Good morning” and told him he would hear of it again.  Defendant then said, “I’ll warm your … for you.”  Witness was about 70 or 80 yards way from defendant when the trespass was committed.  Stanley Maurice Hayman, a pupil of Mr Carter, said he was riding his horse towards Bunker’s hill about 11 am when he saw defendant get over a gate leading into Mr Carter’s orchard.  Defendant had a gun and two dogs.  Defendant went 10 or 15 yards into the orchard.  Witness, in company with Mason, went to defendant, and Mason asked defendant what business he had in the orchard.  Defendant denied going in the orchard, and swore at Mason.  Benjamin Carter, farmer, Wickhamford, said he rented an orchard at Bunker’s Hill.  There was game there, which witness had the right to shoot.  The orchard adjoined Porter’s Plantation.  Defendant, on oath, denied entering the orchard, and said he saw two gipsies in the orchard getting hedgehogs.  Frederick Halford and Charles Halford, defendant’s brothers, also gave evidence.  There were two previous convictions, and defendant was fined £1 12s 6d costs or one month’s hard labour.  Defendant applied for time to pay, but when informed he would have to pay that day, paid the money.