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Friday 11 December 1953 – Death and Inquest of Douglas Scott McDonald, aged 67

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Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer
Transcription of article

MAN DIES AFTER THROAT WOUND – Badsey Wife’s Discovery

When Mrs Alice Mary McDonald of Mostyn Villa, Chapel Street, Badsey, returned home from shopping at about 10.45 am on Wednesday she found her husband, Mr Douglas Scott McDonald (67), retired, in his bedroom with a severe throat wound.

After a doctor had been summoned, Mr McDonald was removed to Evesham Hospital whre he died shortly after.

The facts have been reported to the Coroner.

The following week in The Evesham Standard, there was a report on the inquest:


A Badsey woman described at an Evesham inquest on Friday how, after returning from a shopping trip, she found her husband suffering from a wounded throat and left wrist, and holding a razor in his hand. 

The South Worcestershire Coroner, Mr H J H Saunders, recorded a verdict that Douglas Scott McDonald, a 67-years-old retired bookseller's manager, of 1 Mostyn Villas, Chapel Street, Badsey, killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed.
McDonald was found in his bedroom suffering from wounds to the throat and left wrist by his wife on her return from shopping in Evesham the previous Wednesday morning.  He was conveyed to Evesham General Hospital where a blood transfusion was performed but he died later the same day. The injuries were caused by an razor.  

Arthur Henry McDonald, the second son, said his father had an operation in April 1952.  This was successful but he was afterwards warned to take things easy.  Previously he had helped witness and his brother in their market gardening business.  Subsequently he suffered from giddiness and worried because he could no longer do mental work.

On the advice of Dr Astley and a psychiatrist he entered Powick Mental Hospital as a voluntary patient for treatment.  When he came out he seemed much better.

Earlier he had been very depressed and once threatened to take his life.  He said he was no use to anyone and would be better if he was away. 

Recently he had been miserable and worried about his health. 

Mrs Alice Mary McDonald said her husband appeared in his normal health when witness took him two cups of tea last Wednesday morning. She then cycled into Evesham to do some shopping.  

When she returned she found her husband standing before the dressing table mirror and noticed his pyjamas were soaked with blood.

She rushed out and fetched a neighbour and the doctor.

The razor which her husband had in his hand was one witness had previously taken from him because she thought he might injure himself with it.

Dr William C Astley said Mr McDonald died from loss of blood due to the injuries to his neck and left wrist.  Witness said he had attended Mr McDonald for two or three years during which he had suffered mainly from mental illness.  After leaving Powick, however, he seemed in a reasonable state of health and witness had not attended him recently.

Police Constable Richardson said he was called to the house and took possession of an open razor which was bloodstained.

Both the Coroner and Police Inspector Young expressed sympathy with the relatives.