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Friday 5 June 1953 – Coronation Festivities in Badsey and Aldington

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The Coronation festivities will long be remembered in Badsey where everybody entered into the spirit of the day.  Mr  C A Binyon, OBE, opened the festivities at the Recreation Ground, speaking of happy memories of previous coronations and stating that the character of our Queen had captured the imagination of all her subjects as was shown by their expression of loyalty all over the country.  He expressed appreciation of all who had organised the Badsey celebrations.

The day opened with well attended services at St James’ Church.  Later there was the fancy dress parade which attracted over 80 entries and the judges, Mrs A Sears and Mrs C Sears, had an unenviable task in selecting the winners.  Winning costumes included “Off the Ration”, bride and groom together with bridesmaid, Queen of Hearts gipsy, Little “Mo”, South Sea islanders, “Congers Road Cleaning Co”, pram depicting pea-pickers, Gran and Grandad pirate, Darby and Joan, scarecrow, drummer boy, hobby horse, Indian brave, tramp, scholar, Queen’s trumpeter, and one bearing the words, “Prepare for a long reign”.

Prizes for the best decorated houses in the village were awarded to Mr C Stewart 1, Mabberly’s Stores 2 and Mr A W Smith of Blackminster 3.  In the decorated cycles class, prize winners were:  Boys, Freeman, Richardson and Addis; girls, Churchley and Powell.  Decorated pram winners were Vicky Mustoe and Miss Littlewood.

A tea at the Badsey School for all over 60 was thoroughly enjoyed as was the conjuring by Mr Mabberly.  Children’s sports were also an attractions, there being plenty of entries.  Afterwards 300 children enjoyed a free tea and a Punch and Judy show.

Adult sports were well patronised, the tug of war being won by the Royal Oak who beat the Gladiators.  A free running buffet was available for all adults.

Another event was the opening of the children’s swings at the Recreation Ground by Mr G A King, Parish Council chairman, and also the erection of a Union Jack on the top of the fir tree by St James’ Church (a landmark for miles around), which feat was performed by Mr Les Williams of Badsey.

Celebrations concluded with a well-attended dance at the Badsey School.

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Pillow fights, fancy dress parades and football matches all provided amusement in Aldington’s celebrations.

Over 30 villagers paraded in fancy dress outside the Manor in the afternoon and then proceeded to Mill Lane where a short service was conducted by the Vicar of Badsey, the Rev W B Chapman.  The competitors were judges by Mr & Mrs Bunbury and Mr & Mrs A E Wheeler.

Teas for children and adults were held in the Mission Hall, followed by an amusing mixed football match with about 22 a side!  Mr J Taylor won the cash prize for the pillow fight on a pole.  A conjuring show was also given by Mr Mabberly of Badsey.

Aldington’s oldest inhabitant, Mrs Reeves, who is over 90, presented each child with a Coronation mug filled with sweets and a Coronation souvenir book given by Mrs Ballard.  Winners of the competitions received their prizes from the Rev and Mrs W B Chapman.

After the Queen’s speech, a social evening was held in the Mission Hall after which there was so much food and beer left over that another social was held on Wednesday evening.

On Coronation morning about 30 villagers watched the television in the Mission Hall.