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December 2nd 1917 - Letter from Arthur Sladden to his father, Julius Sladden

2nd December 1917
Correspondence From
Arthur Sladden, South Road, Portcawl
Correspondence To
Julius Sladden, Seward House, Badsey
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My dear Father


Many thanks for your last letter. I have been moving about a bit the last few days so have delayed writing. I had a good journey here last Friday and found Mary with Baby waiting at the station. During my stay Mary has got in a little extra help so as to set her freer to go about with me.


We've been looking about at furnished houses with a view to arranging for later on when this place may not be available; but so far have found nothing suitable, rents are absurdly high for very commonplace houses and the few nicer types are much too expensive. However this cottage is available anyway till the end of March.


The place is healthy, with nice coast and very clean roads, and at this season not crowded. Mary has made a few friends, and no doubt will meet more; mostly they have one or two children of a few yeas old.


We decided to go to Dowlais for a night and of course had to take Baby. We went on Thursday and on our return next day put in a visit to Port Talbot; at both houses all were well and sent kind messages to you. The Phillips' boy is better, he and Baby play together very happily.


Yesterday Mary and I went down to Swansea, leaving Baby en route at Port Talbot for the day. Harold met us at the station and we went on to his house near Mumble for lunch. They have a daintily furnished little house and I think are very happy together; their little girl is a delightful child and extremely pretty. After lunch we went on with Harold and his wife to see the old people who gave us a very cordial welcome. It was nearly seven years since I had been there. Mr Schenk has had a busy time over various engineering matters, but said that the hard work suits him. They have two sons in the army, one has had a pretty bad time in France, the other is Class B and in London.


This evening Hubert, Irene and the Kerridges, with whom we dined on Wednesday, are coming to supper. I must return to London in good time on Tuesday and have arranged to stay the night at Chiswick.


This Lansdowne document appears to be extraordinarily ill-timed and will do much to hearten the Germans and depress all those of us who realise the horror of this war, but also the futility of ending it at this juncture, when all the lives and work of three years would be thrown to the winds and all the efforts made would be wasted. I wonder what is behind it all, it looks like a bid for power.


I wonder if you could send them some apples at Dowlais, Blenheim if you can spare them, otherwise some other good sort. Please send them at my expense as a Xmas present from me, half a pot or so, and let me know the cost. I should like the Harold Schenks too to have a "bonnet" of orchard and garden produce as a present from me, if you will arrange that also. Their address is: Grey Edge, West Cross, Swansea. If you will put in a card to say it comes from me.


It was rather a short visit I paid you, but time goes very quickly when one's on leave. Mary joins in sending love and Baby sends a message that she is a bad girl! Not really justified today anyway.


Your affectionate son


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